VIDEO: Gelish Colors of Paradise Fade Report & Comparisons

As promised, here is my fade report on the Gelish Colors of Paradise collection (see my swatches here). I did it in video format this time. Let me know if you like seeing this type of info in video format and if you have any suggestions for improvement for the next time.

You also get a sneak peek at my latest nail art using this collection in this video.  Details about that look will be posted soon.  Enjoy!

The colors seen in this video are:
Gelish Pacific Sunset (compared with Make You Blink Pink & Brights Have More Fun)
Gelish Rockin’ the Reef (compared with Tiki Tiki Laranga & I’m Brighter Than You)
Gelish Lime All the Time (compared with Sometimes A Girl’s Gotta Glow)
Gelish Rub Me the Sarong Way (compared with Radiance Is My Middle Name)
Gelish Mali-Blu Me Away
Gelish Tahiti Hottie (compared with You Glare, I Glow)

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26 Responses

  1. Miss kitty says:

    I really appreciate seeing the comparisons of colors. I have many gels and like to see how they compare so I don’t buy dupes if I can avoid it. Comparing different companies of similar colors would help also. Thanks

  2. Vic says:

    Loving the video format.

  3. Fania says:

    hello i loved the video :) i want to ask you if you now how can i found the mini gelish in uk? thank you :) xxx

  4. Leza says:

    Love the comparisons to last year’s colors! Where do you find your mini’s, every time I find some they’re almost the same price as the full size bottles. love love love your site!

    • Andrea says:

      The minis are only available for sale at Sally Beauty Supply.

      • Miss kitty says:

        You can buy a full size on eBay for the same as the minis.

        • Leza says:

          Thank you both for the quick replies! I love the ideas of the mini’s, but I just can’t justify paying almost the same price for what I buy the full size bottles for on ebay like Miss Kitty mentioned.

          • Miss kitty says:

            I have purchased all my gels on eBay. CDC, IBD, Gellish. Love the free shipping. That is why the swatches are so helpful.

  5. Miss kitty says:

    I need a really shiny top coat, don’t care the brand.

  6. Miss kitty says:

    What is the difference between Gelish Foundation and Gelish Base? I use Gelish Structure gel for strength also. Thanks

    • Andrea says:

      Foundation and base mean the same thing. It’s the base coat, but Gelish calls it “Foundation”.

      • Leigh Watson says:

        But on Ebay you can purchase Foundation or Base by Gelish that is why I thought they were different. They have different labels on them also. I should use the Foundation or base under the structure correct?

        • Andrea says:

          Are you sure they are real? Gelish bottles say “foundation” on them, not base. You should use the foundation under your structure gel.

    • Miss kitty says:

      I see Harmony Gelish and Gelish products, any difference?

      • Andrea says:

        Harmony Gelish is the official Gelish. If it says anything else I can’t be sure. There are some knock-offs out there.

  7. Miss kitty says:

    Got it, thanks.

  8. Miss kitty says:

    Have you tried “Gellit”? This product changes RNP to SOG.