Emily de Molly – It’s Complicated

I’m in love with all of the swatches over at Emily de Molly’s Etsy store.  I found this brand a while ago and decided to purchase a bottle to try out before I buy more.  Now I’m wishing I had bought more because I paid a lot of money to have this shipped to the states from Australia, and it took almost 2 months to get here because of customs.  She did warn me that it would take that long, and I was totally cool with it.  I figured I would forget about it and have a surprise in the mail one day… but I didn’t forget.  I eagerly checked my mail every day hoping it would arrive.  The good news is that it looks like Llarowe is going to start carrying this brand, so hopefully it will be easier to get in the states.

Here are my swatches of It’s Complicated.  This polish has a white base and is filled with small purple and silver hexes, large black hexes and some triangular shapes.  There may be more in here that I didn’t notice too.  I love the formula and the way it applied.

Emily de Molly - It's ComplicatedEmily de Molly - It's Complicated

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2 Responses

  1. Mari Lumme says:

    wow, purple – silver – black hexes, small, large and triangular shaped.. such a complicated glitter :)) it looks very beautiful on you!

  2. KathyB says:

    The black glitters look like a navy blue through the white; I really like it!