CPNA 2015: New Gel Polish Collections & Product Releases (PART 2)

This is the second post detailing the new gel polish collections & products that I learned of while attending CPNA this year! If you haven’t already, check out yesterday’s post for the first half of my report!

SuperNail ProGel has several new collections coming out as well. The ProGel Summer collection is called Tropical Pop, and it contains six brights.  Available for purchase now.

I found these listings on Amazon, in order from left to right:  Mint Me in Maui, Lickity Lime, Orange You Hawt, Magenta Me Wild, Frozen Grapes, and Water You Doin?

ProGel Tropical Pop - Summer 2015 CollectionThe SuperNail ProGel fall collection is called Indigo Maven and features six shades inspired by jeans.  Available in August.

ProGel Indigo Maven - Fall 2015 CollectionThe SuperNail ProGel winter collection is called Bohemian Gypsy and contains six rich shades.  Available in November.

ProGel Bohemian Gypsy - Winter 2015 CollectionEzFlow TruGel is releasing a new neutral collection called French Remix that contains 3 nudes, 3 pinks and a brighter white.  Available in August.

TruGel French Remix Collection - 3 nudes, 3 pinks, 1 bright whiteEzFlow Trugel‘s fall collection is called Escape to Wanderland.  I love that these colors break-free from the traditional dark and earthy shades that you would normally expect from a fall collection.  Available in August.

TruGel Escape to Wanderland - Fall 2015 CollectionEzFlow Trugel‘s winter collection is called Sea Siren.  I love these gorgeous shimmery pastels.  This collection also breaks away from the norm!  Available in September.

TruGel Sea Siren - Winter 2015 Collection

Cuccio‘s fall collection, Royale, consists of eight rich shades.  Each is available with a matching lacquer.  I don’t know the official release date for this collection.

Cuccio Royale - Fall 2015 CollectionASP (Cuccio’s DIY line) is launching 18 new shades in Sally Beauty Supply stores this fall.  Official release date unknown.  I have several of these shades and will swatch them at a later date.

ASP - new fall gel polish shadesRed Carpet Manicure‘s fall collection is called a Lavish Affair.  These four rich, luxurious shades for fall are available now at Ulta stores.

Red Carpet Manicure - A Lavish Affair - Fall 2015 CollectionRed Carpet Manicure‘s holiday 2015 collection is called Vintage Glamour.  It will be available in November.

Red Carpet Manicure - Vintage Glamour - Winter 2015 CollectionRCM is also releasing several new shades into their gel polish line this fall.  Below is a photo that I took of the swatch wheel.  Unfortunately the colors aren’t labeled, so I don’t know the names.  RCM also has a new one-step gel polish line called Red Carpet Ready, which I didn’t get a picture of.  I do have some samples and will write more about that line at a later date.

Red Carpet Manicure - New Fall 2015 ColorsBio Seaweed Gel 15 new colors in their Unity one-step gel polish line in a collection called Uptown Lights.  They told me that BSG updated the formula for all of the Unity colors and that they are now shinier, have easier removal, and can be cured in the sunlight.  I received a bottle of one of the new colors and plan to put the sunlight curing to the test!  They say that it will cure in 30-120 seconds in direct sunlight.  It should be applied away from the direct light to avoid having the brush harden, however.  Available for purchase now.

Bio Seaweed Gel Uptown Lights CollectionOrly has released some of their popular lacquer colors in the GelFX line.  They launched six shades each for Spring and Summer, and five shades for the Fall, which will be available in September.  By the end of 2016 all of the popular Orly lacquer colors will be available across all product lines and they will be available in “Perfect Pairs”.  Orly has also launched a new extended-wear lacquer line called Epix, which is available for purchase now.

Orly’s Spring 2015 Collection is available for purchase here.  They are also available individually: Artificial Sweetener, Bubbly Bombshell, Snowcone, Shockwave, Jealous Much? and Teal Unreal.

Orly GelFX Spring 2015 CollectionOrly’s Summer 2015 Collection is available for purchase here.

Orly GelFX Summer 2015 Collection
Orly’s Fall 2015 Collection will be available in September.
Orly GelFX Fall 2015 CollectionSOLO One-Step Gel has two new limited edition collections coming out called Sunset Skies & Winter Lights, containing three colors each.  I don’t have release dates for these.

SOLO One-Step Gel Fall & Winter 2015 Colors

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2 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Oooo. It’s nice to get the scoop on brands like RCM and ASP for fall and winter. You know I have to be ready to grab any good ones. :) It should be interesting to see some of those in person!

    • ancolie says:

      Agreed! I picked up a couple of ASPs at Sally’s that were clearanced out and I’m *so* glad I did. My favorite is Alluring Azure, but both were easy to work with and retained a tiny bit of that “squishy” look while being full coverage.

      I’m definitely fascinated with the sunlight curing polish! I’d want to do all sorts of tests, like summer sun vs. winter sun, if there’s enough UV to cure it even on overcast days, or differences in latitude (like, testing around the same date in Key West, FL and then, like, Ottawa, ON).