CND Shellac Modern Folklore Collection Swatches

CND Shellac Modern Folklore Collection Swatches by
The colors of the CND Shellac Modern Folklore Collection caught my eye.  This is a new collection that is out for Fall 2014.  CND describes these colors as rich, romantic and sophisticated… I would have to agree.  Take a look at these nail art ideas from the CND website… such gorgeous color combinations.  While the individual colors may not be entirely unique, they work really well together as a set.  There is also a Modern Folklore additives set that goes along with this collection.

This is only the second CND Shellac collection that I have purchased.  I typically shy away from this brand because of the high price for a smaller bottle, but I have to say that the quality of these polishes is really fantastic.  I love the thin brush because it makes it easy to get into the curves and get close to the cuticle area.  The formula of the polish is also great.  It’s very easy to apply thin coats, and typically two thin coats will provide full coverage.

Fine Vermillion is a gorgeous shimmery burnt orange.  I don’t own another shade of orange that even comes close to this color.  It’s darker and richer than all of the orange shades currently in my stash.

CND Shellac Modern Folklore Collection - Fine Vermillion - swatch by Chickettes.comIndigo Frock is a dark grey-ish blue.  In some lights this color looks more like a slate grey, and in other lights it looks dark blue.  The only color in my stash that looks similar to this is Gelish Midnight Cover, but Indigo Frock is more opaque and provides better coverage.

CND Shellac Modern Folklore Collection - Indigo Frock - swatch by Chickettes.comLocket Love is a frosty gold.  I felt that this color needed 3 coats for best coverage.  You also have to apply this color carefully because it will show your brush strokes if you don’t apply it from edge to edge in one stroke.  The closest color that I have to this is Gelish Meet the King, but Locket Love is less of a yellow-gold and is a bit darker.

CND Shellac Modern Folklore Collection - Locket Love - swatch by Chickettes.comCrimson Sash is a dark shimmery red.  It is darker than Gelish Queen of Hearts, but has a similar finish.  It’s actually very similar to, but is slightly lighter than Daisy Rumba Red.

CND Shellac Modern Folklore Collection - Crimson Sash - swatch by Chickettes.comRose Brocade is a bright, creamy red with a jelly-like consistency.  It is very sheer and shows visible nail line with just two coats, so I applied three coats for this swatch to get better coverage.  The closest red that I have to this is Gelish Lady in Red.

CND Shellac Modern Folklore Collection - Rose Brocade - swatch by Chickettes.comPlum Paisley is a shimmery dark purple.  The shimmer is somewhat subtle, but it’s very pretty.  The closest color to this in my stash is Gelish Diva.

CND Shellac Modern Folklore Collection - Plum Paisley - swatch by Chickettes.comSo what do you think of the colors in this collection?  Are there any that you have to have?  Fine Vermillion is probably my favorite of the set since it’s the most unique shade.

I’m not planning to do side-by-side comparison photos of this collection just yet.  I have some other fall collections to share with you soon, so once I’m done swatching all of them I will do some comparisons.

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12 Responses

  1. Steph says:

    Brilliant post, I can’t wait to try them. Have just invested in Gelish which I also love. I have bought Fine Vermillion and Rose Brocade in Cnd Vinylux and all my clients love these shades!

  2. Natalie Cottle says:

    Thank you for swatching these! I love Shellac and think it’s the best brand out there. It is the most expensive, but you totally get what you pay for with Shellac. I also think Gelish is a close second. I’ve tried so many of the other brands with no luck and chipping within the two week period I guarantee my clients.

  3. Bunny says:

    You have posted gorgeous swatches, as usual! Were these cured with the 18G? I only use the 18G and there are many questions as to whether Shellac will cure with LED lamps.

  4. NancySyd says:

    I think we have to be careful saying that Shellac cured under LED. While I do not believe CND has been completely forthcoming about the lamp issue (“only the CND lamps will cure Shellac…”), the problem is that there is no easily accessible means of determining a proper cure. We really trust that if we followed the directions, it has cured properly. Gel hardens at only 50% cured.

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi van i use my Gelish foundation gel and top it off with these polishes? I would like try the shellac formula but i don’t want to buy a whole new set.. And did you have any problems later on with curing this in the 18g led light?

    Love the colors!

    • Andrea says:

      It really does work best with the Shellac base and top, but I have used it with Gelish too and it seemed to be ok. The Shellac base is thinner and easier to apply, and it soaks off easier.

  6. Anna says:

    Awesome post! I’m so excited Locket Love came out in Shellac it’s my favorite gold nail lacquer!!! Good to know your 18 G cured them as well! I always use either OPI or Gelish top coats with Shellac because I don’t think the CND top coat is very durable it I love shellac’s soak off time and their colors are sooo rich and pretty! Thanks again for a great post!

  7. Diana says:

    I really loved these swatches and decided to try fine vermillon with my Gelish foundation, structure gel, top coat + 18w LED lamp. I don’t know what exactly shellac colour didn’t like in this combination but it mottled horribly and before I started painting my other hand it started peeling off the edge!
    Did you experience anything like this or do you know what could cause it? I’ve never had anything like this with Gelish before.
    Probably I should invest in Shellac foundation and top coat.

  8. Tanja says:

    Is Rose Brocade near red or near pink. In some pictures is this color more pink then red.

  9. Anne says:

    Today, I finally used Locket Love which I have had for awhile. It is beautiful and was easy to apply. To me it is a more subtle gold and I like it’s lack of boldness. I paired it as an accent nail with the Rose Brocade that I bought from your sample sale and they go well together.