Ink Soak-Off Gel Polish Purple Swatches

Ink Gel Polish Purple Swatches by Chickettes.comI’m working through a few more of the untried polishes on my shelf.  Today I have four purple shades from the Ink Soak-Off Gel Polish line.  Some of these polishes sat on my shelf untouched for so long that they were very separated, so I gave them all a really good shake by hand and with my Robart paint shaker before applying.  I’m going to try to work through some more of my untried polishes soon, especially the spring/summer shades.

Alter Ego is a light blue/grey-ish purple with a cream finish.  I would say this has a very periwinkle feel to it.  It went on a bit thin, so I applied three coats to get the coverage that you see here.  The swatch stick that I created for this color is a couple years old and now has a brown-ish tint to it.  That’s an indication that this color may fade with exposure to sunlight, though I haven’t conducted an official fade test to confirm.

Ink Alter Ego #62 gel polish swatch by Chickettes.comScarlet Empress is a beautiful shimmery light purple.  It looks like it has some pink-ish tones when it’s next to these other purples, but it’s a pretty classic lilac shade.  Ink does these shimmery finishes so well.  This polish came out a little sheer, so I applied three coats for better coverage.

Ink Scarlet Empress #161 gel polish swatch by Chickettes.comCapitvate is indeed a very captivating glittery dark purple with blue tones.  It has scattered flecks of blue in it that make it really pop.  I also applied three coats of this color for best coverage.

Ink Captivate #130 gel polish swatch by Chickettes.comVivid Violet doesn’t look anything like the label on the bottle, and doesn’t appear very vivid to me.  It’s is a very vampy, dark reddish purple that appears dark burgundy in some lights.  This color was opaque in just two coats and applied nicely, but just wasn’t the shade I was anticipating to come out of the bottle!

Ink Vivid Violet #38 gel polish swatch by

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13 Responses

  1. Joanna B says:

    ooo! Captivate is going on my wish list!!

  2. Joanna B says:

    hmmm and I wonder how Empress would be for an effects topper over different colors??

  3. Susie says:

    OMG!!! they are all so very lovely!!! Lovely colors and the finish is just perfect! This will be in my purchase list.

  4. Mal Timmons says:

    Hi Andrea. I have a gel polish that’s a bit gloopy. What is the thinnig liquid like? Have you used it? And which is best to buy? Hope your Nail Tech course is going well? Thanks. Mal x

  5. Connie Farmer says:

    Hi Andrea I love your tutorials and what you think about new products, so in saying that I need a new led gel lamp. I have the one that came with a starter kit from Red Carpet. I would like one that I can put whole hand in. Would like a reasonable priced What do you reamend ? Thanks for any help. Connie Farmer

  6. ana gil says:

    Hi I just want to know the price for the whole collection of gel polish soak off INK how many colors are and how much for all iincluding shipping at morristow tennessee

  7. Kahla says:

    Hi. Does pink gellac sell their base & top coat by themselves? (Not in a kit? If not can you recommend a good universal base & top coat that I can use with any brand.

  8. Janet says:

    Dear Andrea,
    Glam and Glitz has discontinued these. I loved Reflection, which was a very light pink jelly base with round holographic glitter. Can you suggest any dupes please, I am unable to find any. All the pink glitter polishes I can find have a clear or opaque base.