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Gelish Nail Art – Night Reflection with Glitter and Stamps

I had a little fun today with gel polish and stamping.  I started with three coats of Gelish Night Reflection (swatches below) and a thin layer of the Gelish Top It Off.  Then I stamped the zig zag pattern on a few fingers using Cheeky stamping plate CH8 and China Glaze Devotion.  I used Jordana Silver Glitter to add a glitter gradient to the other nails.  Once these polishes dried, I applied one more thin layer of the Gelish top coat and cured it in the UV light.

I talked about this before on my guest post for Wacky Lacki, but I love stamping on top of gel polishes.  When I mess up I can just wipe off the stamp and try it again, and my base coat remains completely in tact.  Sometimes it takes me several attempts before I get the stamp to apply properly, which was the case with this zig zag pattern.  When stamping over regular nail lacquer you have to get it right the first time or take off every layer of polish and start over again.  Just one more reason why I’m in love with Gelish.  Plus this manicure will last for weeks if I leave it on that long… but you know I will get the itch to try something else before then!

Gelish Nail Art - Zig Zag and Glitter

Gelish Nail Art - Zig Zag and Glitter

Gelish Nail Art - Zig Zag and Glitter

And these are my swatches of Gelish Night Reflection before applying the nail art.  I took these photos with my desk lamp instead of my light box so to show the shimmer.  I’m still struggling with lighting a bit.  My light box drowns out shimmer and glitter sometimes, but my desk lamp makes my hands look more red.  I might have to invest in an OttLite to see if that works better.

Gelish Night Reflection Swatch

Gelish Night Reflection Swatch

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3 Responses

  1. Vinnie says:

    Looks great! Are the nails that are not zigzagged also done with a stamp plate from the same collection? I really like that glitter effect. I checked out the link to Cheeky and I think it would be fun to try this.

  2. Julie says:

    Hi where Di you get the stamping plate. Love the design. I also love stamping on gel. I normally but the topcoat in then buff slightly before applying design. Is this what you do? Did you use ordinary silver polish or stamping polish

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