Revel Nail Gel Polish Swatches

Revel Nail gel polish swatches by

I have some swatches of Revel Nail gel polish today. Revel is a relatively new line of gel polish and other nail products that launched in 2014. I conducted a full review and posted a few swatches of the gel polish back in September (see that post here). In short, it’s a great quality brand with really affordable prices! I decided to swatch a few more colors that are appropriate for the season.   All of these colors had great coverage in just two coats!

Supernova is a gorgeous dark purple shimmer.  The Revel line also has another shimmery purple that’s just a few shades lighter called Queen.  I swatched that color previously – but if Supernova is too dark for you, check out that shade!  I love them both but actually prefer this darker purple.

Revel Nail Supernova gel polish swatch by

Carouse is a medium purple cream, and is a great year-round color.

Revel Nail Carouse gel polish swatch by

Deeva is a vampy burgundy red cream.  Reds can also be worn year-round, but I prefer darker reds like this one for fall and winter.

Revel Nail Deeva gel polish swatch by

Bonfire is a really lovely coral cream.  This is another shade that could be worn year-round.

Revel Nail Bonfire gel polish swatch by

Incline is a unique shimmer polish that’s hard to describe… it’s sort of a blackened olive with golden tones.  This is a really shade for the colder months.

Revel Nail Incline gel polish swatch by

Solid is a frosty gold shimmer that leans a bit yellow.  This shade will show some brushstrokes if not applied carefully from base to tip.

Revel Nail Solid gel polish swatch by

All-Nighter is a dark blue cream.  This shade is a little muted with some grey-ish undertones, and is pretty unique.

Revel Nail All-Nighter gel polish swatch by

Revel Nail gel polish can be purchased here for $7.50/bottle!

12 Responses

  1. Torrie Hoskins says:

    Such pretty colors :)
    How does this brand compare to Gelish? Does it wear as good, give as much strength?

  2. Barbar- says:

    Can you use the Gelish foundation and top coat with Revel gel polish?

  3. Anne says:

    Right now I am wearing Revel Kodie with a toppind of Disco. Next on my list is All Nighter; thnanks for the swatch of it. Revel is easy to apply; I typically apply 3 coats. The top coat is great and very shiny. But on my prior three applications, the polish has started pealing in about 5 days. I don’t like to use primer and so this time I used Gelish base instead of Revel. I am sure base coats are different for everyone, but Gelish’s base has stayed on best for me.

  4. Anne says:

    Oh, and Revel Disco is a fantastic glitter. It applies evenly without being thick and the glitter is fine enough that it is smooth with one top coat. I first applied it over Revel Rebel and it looked fantastic for New Year’s.

  5. Stacie says:

    Happy New Year Andrea!

    How does Carouse compare to other purples in your collection? Is it particularly close to another color?


  6. Sheneise says:

    Received my order today an am in love!

  7. Laura says:

    Hi Andrea:
    I purchased the Reveal base, top and Queen color. I also had a problem with the the color wearing off the tips of the my nails. Reveal asked me for a review and I told them what had happened with the wearing on the tips of my nails. Since then they emailed me and said they had re-formulated the top coat and asked if I would give a try and let know how it works. So I did. I found that the color is still wearing off the tips of my nails, not as bad though. I did use the ph bonder first so I didn’t get any peeling. My question to you is: Have you ever worn your polish and it felt your nails got thinner? I’ve had this polish on for 1 1/2 weeks now and I had a nail rip off and they all feel thin. I’ve since filed them shorter so no more ripping. I was very surprised. Do you think that could be nail polish issue. I had very healthy nails before I used the Reveal. I have gotten pretty decent at removal since I got my NailMates!!

    • Andrea says:

      Your nails can’t get “thinner” while wearing a particular polish, but they might not be as strong as when wearing another brand. They all provide different levels of strength. The strength and flexibility of your nails can also be affected by other outside causes such as weather, humidity, moisture, etc. If your hands are in water a lot they would be softer. Also ph Bond is a dehydrator, not a primer. It just helps dry your nails so that the polish gets a better bond.

  8. Tiane Jarvis says:

    I love these polishes, carouse is my favourite but it fades to grey over time. My swatch stick is completely grey now. :-(