Pink Gellac Gel Polish French Manicures

I’ve been practicing my French manicure skills for class recently, and I thought I’d share the two applications that I did using Pink Gellac.  I’m often asked for recommendations for base colors that can be used for French manicures, and these two colors worked perfectly!
French Manicure using Pink Gellac French Pink & Soft WhiteFor this first French manicure I used Pink Gellac French Pink as the base, and Soft White for the tips.  This polish was specifically designed with this purpose in mind, hence the name.  French Pink is a sheer gel polish with a pink tint, providing a very natural look.  I applied two coats of this, and then applied white across the tips with one stroke from side to side.  I went over the tips twice to ensure perfect, even coverage.

I created a video that shows how to accomplish a French mani with gel polish a while ago… watch it here.  In this video, I applied white across the tip and then used a brush dipped in alcohol to perfect the smile line which is a great trick if you aren’t able to paint the smile line exactly how you want it.

French Manicure using Pink Gellac Blush Orange & Soft WhiteFor my second French manicure I used Pink Gellac Blush Orange with Soft WhiteBlush Orange is a popular neutral shade at the Boutique, and I wanted to experiment and see how it would look in a French design.  I absolutely loved the result!  It’s not quite as classic of a look as the other, but it really seemed to pop on my nails and they looked a little like they might even be enhancements and not just polish.  I received a lot of compliments from this mani!

These Pink Gellac polishes can be purchased individually at Chickettes Boutique, or they can be purchased together as a set for an additional savings!  And don’t forget to check the banners on the homepage for the latest special offers.  :)

You can now also order gift certificates at the Boutique!  They can be purchased in any dollar amount of $10 or more.  The gift certificates are delivered immediately via email, so they make a perfect last-minute gift for a gel polish enthusiast!

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7 Responses

  1. Della says:

    your nails are so pretty. I wish I could get mine to grow. do you take anything? Any advice on a long time and currently wearing acrylics. I have tried several different things, but I always revert back to my them. I do my own.

    thanks in advance for the help.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Della. I occasionally take Biotin, but nothing regularly. I’m fortunate that my nails have always grown pretty strong, but gel polish helps protect them and keep them from breaking. When I don’t wear polish I always break a nail! After removing acrylics you may need to let them grow out for several months depending on how much they were filed down. Biotin is great for hair and nails.

    • Erika says:

      Biotin really will help them grow. I like Buried Treasure’s liquid biotin, but just a personal preference.

      • Della says:

        thank Andrea for the information. I will definitely give it a try. Best of luck with school.

  2. Tanya says:

    Just curious if you have any recommendations for American Manicure colors with gel polish

    • Andrea says:

      I think the one with Blush Orange could probably be considered an American Manicure. French manicures generally have pink-toned sheer bases and American have creamy flesh-toned bases.

  3. Michelle says:

    Beautiful nails and beautiful work as always, thanks for sharing! ❤️