Pink Gellac Butterfly Collection – Summer Neons!

Pink Gellac Butterfly Collection - available at shop.chickettes.comI’m super excited about the new Butterfly Collection by Pink Gellac!  The five colors in this collection are bright and fun, and they have great coverage!  I love bright shades in the Summer months, and some of these colors will definitely have you reaching for your shades.  Whether you’re going on a beach vacation or just chillin’ at home, these colors are sure to be a hit this season.

Paradise Pink is a bright neon pink with a mix of gold and iridescent microglitter throughout.  This neon pink is very similar to Pink Gellac Ibiza Pink, but is a shade lighter and has a glittery twist.  I love that the glitter is present, but isn’t overpowering – it’s the perfect subtle touch.

Pink Gellac Paradise Pink - available at shop.chickettes.comSecret Garden is a bright neon green cream.  This is a true green shade – not too yellow, not too blue… just right!  It provides great coverage, as do all of the colors in this collection.

Pink Gellac Secret Garden - available at shop.chickettes.comNeon Flirt is a stunning neon coral!  This has been a favorite in my nail studio this past week – clients are LOVING it!  It’s such a unique shade, and is even prettier in person than in photos.  Neons can be very hard to capture on camera, but I promise that this color will not disappoint!

Pink Gellac Neon Flirt - available at shop.chickettes.comBlue Moon is a bright medium blue with a metallic shimmer finish. As with all frosty finishes it’s best to apply in long, even strokes from the cuticle to the tip of the nail for a perfect finish as brushstrokes will show.

Pink Gellac Blue Moon - available at shop.chickettes.comBlazin Purple is a HOT neon purple with blue microglitter flecks throughout.  This is more of a red-leaning purple than it appears in pictures.  Again, the neon qualities make it somewhat difficult to photograph, but it’s a truly stunning color.  This is my personal favorite from this collection – I’ve been wearing it for the last 10 days or so and don’t want to take it off!  The blue glitter flecks are so unique and fun, but also not too overwhelming.

Pink Gellac Blazin Purple - available at shop.chickettes.comAll of the colors in the Butterfly Collection are available for purchase at Chickettes Boutique.  For a limited time you can purchase all 5 colors for only $50!  There’s also a Buy 3, Get 1 FREE promo available on all gel colors when you use the promo code B3G1.

And of course all of the new colors are available with the new rounded brushes and the color pops on the bottle tops!

Check out more swatches of these amazing colors at these blogs: Very Emily, Beauty ILL, Love Life Lacquer.


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  1. Bre says:

    Hello is the Paradise Pink sold out already? I can’t find it on the website.