CND Shellac Swatches – Winter Colors

CND Shellac Winter Colors

I’m working my way through some of my untried colors that are suitable for winter. Today I have a few CND Shellac colors to share with you. I purchased a huge lot of used polishes on eBay a while ago and many of them are CND Shellac. Unfortunately most of the bottles are pretty used up and they’re thick and hard to apply now, but I managed to get some decent swatches out of these ones. They’re all pretty classic colors that are great for the winter months.  The first three swatches are two coats each, and the last color is three coats.

CND Shellac Masquerade is a deep shimmery red.  This color has a very lush feel to it.

CND Shellac Masquerade Swatch by Chickettes.comCND Shellac Rock Royalty is a beautiful shade of purple.  The actual polish color leans a little more red than the color of the bottle, and the polish has a very subtle shimmer to it.

CND Shellac Rock Royalty Swatch by Chickettes.comCND Shellac Asphalt is a classic creamy slate grey.

CND Shellac Asphalt Swatch by Chickettes.comCND Shellac Decadence is a classic creamy red.  This polish has a more sheer, jelly-like consistency compared to the others.  It applied like butter, but I did feel that this one required three coats for full coverage.  If you don’t mind a little visible nail line, two coats would do the trick.

CND Shellac Decadence Swatch by

I don’t normally buy CND Shellac because of the size, pricing, and UV curing. I do love the quality of CND Shellac polishes because they apply so effortlessly and generally only require two coats for full opacity. However, the bottles are only .25 fl oz and the prices are higher than most other brands, so you do pay for that quality. Also, CND recommends using their UV lamp which is also on the expensive side and UV lamps take 2 minutes to cure each coat.

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2 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    Thanks for posting these. CND’s bottle colors are often not representative of the color inside. I think I am going to get all of the first three you posted. Fortunately, I have not ever had a problem with CND curing with LED, but I have always used Gelish base & TIO with the polish. Like you, I have been hooked on purples recently (can’t get enough). This has surprised me because I never considered myself a purple person. My current two favorite purples definitely lean red LeChat’s Wild Berry & Night at the Cinema.

  2. Ashley says:

    What lamp do you use for CND Shellac?