Neutral Gel Polish Shades for Spring

Many of the new gel polish collections that were released this Spring contained a neutral shade, and I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorites.  I’ve always worn bright, bold colors but lately I’ve found myself completely swooning over neutrals!  What has gotten into me?!

Nude Beige is a new color that was just released a few weeks ago as part of Pink Gellac’s Spring Collection (now available at the Boutique). It’s a pink-leaning nude cream.  It’s similar in tone to Blush Orange, but is a little darker and is opaque in two coats.  I think the pink hues in this color make it work with just about any skin tone.  I just love the warmness of this color!

154-nude-beigeDo You Take Lei Away? is a light tan cream that was released in the OPI Hawaii Collection.  This color would probably look great with a white tip for an American Manicure look.  This color is a bit on the cool side.

opi-gelcolor-do-you-take-lei-awayBare Bear is a brown-leaning tan cream that was released with the Gel II Carousel Collection.  When I first saw this color in the bottle I didn’t think I was going to like it, but I quickly changed my mind after applying it!  It looks amazing on darker skin tones too.


Field Fox is a mauve-leaning neutral cream that was released in CND Shellac’s Flora & Fauna Collection.  Swoon!  This is another warmer shade that quickly jumped to the top of my list.

CND Field Fox

Ibd Dockside Diva is another cool-toned, tan cream that is similar to OPI Do You Take Lei Away. This isn’t a new release, but it’s one of my favorite neutrals and was the very first nude that I really liked, so I had to mention it!  This was my go-to neutral shade for a long time, but with all of the new releases mentioned above, it now has some serious competition.  :)

ibd Dockside Diva

What are your favorite neutral colors?

11 Responses

  1. Tiane says:

    Rosy Nude by Madam Glam – you MUST swatch it. It is to die for.

  2. Sally says:

    Ditto Tiane!! Love Rosy Nude and it stays on my nails forEVER!!! (I’m with you, Andrea!! I’ve been ogling nudes much more recently!!!)

  3. Field Fox is absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Ladies, I invite you to take a gander at Purjoi’s Bare Naked collection. All beautiful nudes, but Hold My Hand is to die for !!

  5. Gillian says:

    Hi Andrea, are you going to be swatching gelish summer collection, hello pretty? X x

  6. CS says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for this post! I am an attorney and have found it abundantly hard to find good nude colors in gel polishes that would work for the office. Do you have any suggestions for light pinks (something similar to OPIs bubble bath’s pink version)? Thank you!

  7. natalie says:

    I just found your blog and I love it!! I have a question..I am new to DIY gel manis. Everything that I have purchased is from Gelish (lamp, ph bond, base coat and top coat, as well as the cleanser and remover). Can I mix and match brands? I have seen a handful of colors from other brands but stay away because I’m afraid that it will not work with my gelish products. I’m in love with the Pink Gellac color, Nude Beige!!

    • Andrea says:

      Hello! Yes, in general you can mix and match. When I started out I only used Gelish too, but I started buying colors from different brands and they all work pretty well together.