Gel II Carousel Collection – Spring 2015

Gel II Manicure - Carousel Collection - swatches by

Gel II recently launched the Carousel Collection for Spring, which consists of six creamy pastel shades.  These are exactly the types of colors that make me think Spring!  Below are photos and descriptions of each color in this collection.  I found that the polishes had nice opacity and most of the swatches are shown with just two coats of color, except where noted.  Also I didn’t find any fading issues with any of these colors.

Peppermint Pony is a minty teal green cream.  This shade is in the same color family as a few other teals in my stash, except this is the only one with a cream finish.  Some very similar shades with a shimmer finish are Kiara Sky Scarlett, Ink Cameo, and Couture Million $ Tweet.

Gel II Peppermint Pony - swatch by Chickettes.comFrou Frou Blue is a pale pastel blue with a cream finish.  This is one of the palest blues that I own, and is very similar to Gelish My One Blue Love.

Gel II Frou Frou Blue - swatch by Chickettes.comMerry Go-Berry is a really lovely pastel lilac shade.  The only color in my stash that is somewhat similar to this is Sensationail Heirloom Lilac, but it has a shimmer finish.  I really adore this color for Spring!

Gel II Merry Go Berry - swatch by Chickettes.comPrancing Peach is a pale pastel peach with a cream finish.  This is the palest peach shade that I own to-date.  I was afraid that this color would make my skin look washed out, but it looks really nice.  I wore this to school the other night and a few people grabbed my hand to look at the color and everyone loved it.

Gel II Prancing Peach - swatch by Chickettes.comMauvelous Melody is a light, but bright shade of pink that reminds me of bubble gum.  I had some difficulties with the formula of this particular polish.  Gel II claims that their polish never separates, but this polish was very separated and no amount of shaking seemed to fix the problem.  I  found it to be a little runny and had to apply three coats to get it to look as opaque as the others.  I don’t have any other pinks quite like this one though.

Gel II Mauvelous Melody - swatch by Chickettes.comBare Bear is a pale neutral brown.  I was also surprised by how much I liked this shade.  I’m not normally a fan of neutrals and most make my hands look washed out, but this color has a lovely warm tone that seemed to work very well with my skin tone.  ibd Dockside Diva is the most similar shade that I have to this, except it has cooler / greyer tones than Bare Bear.  This may be my new go-to neutral!

Gel II Bare Bear - swatch by

I’m conducting a wear test with Gel II Peppermint Pony and will report on my findings soon! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience with the Gel II brand. And let me know which of the shades from this collection are calling your name. :)

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15 Responses

  1. Jackie says:

    Where do u purchase these polishes? When I go on the website it’s ask for the my salon name and I don’t have one or my license.

  2. QJ says:

    I’m curious if your visible nail line would have been solved by a third coat? (Peppermint Pony and Frou Frou Blue – both more noticeable on your index finger.)

    You tend to mention it when it’s really obvious, but even the slightest hint that shows in these images would drive me batty.

    Thanks! Loving your blog, as always!

    • Andrea says:

      I didn’t really notice VNL. Two coats provided decent coverage so I’m sure one more coat would make them completely opaque.

  3. Sarah De Los Santos says:

    Beautiful swatches! It’s such a bummer that DIY folks can’t order these polishes. They really are stunning!

  4. Bri says:

    Did you notice any fading with the lilac color?

  5. joanna b. says:

    very nice colors! I may need some of those!

  6. Cat says:

    Thank you for you’re swatches . I had bought peppermint pony and bare bear. Thinking I would not need any more looks like I will have to get the merry – go- berry color do you know if it is close to lilac longing Cnd Shellac ?

  7. Cat says:

    When applied did you use without a base coat as they suggest ? If so how easy would you say it came off you’re nails ? For me with different colors from this brand some come off easier and quicker than others just wanted to know what has been you’re experience .

    • Andrea says:

      I did apply without a base. Two-steps generally take longer to remove on my nails and they crumble instead of come off in sheets. I had to do a bit of pushing and buffing to get this brand off, but it didn’t take more than 15 minutes.

  8. Hayleigh says:


    I would love to see you do swatches of more of their collection as you seem to capture the colours so true, please do some more swatches :-)


  9. Ash says:

    Hi, I love the prancing peach color. Did the paint last long? Any chipping or fading?