Mia Secret Chrome Mirror Nail Liquid Review

Mia Secret Chrome Mirror Nail Liquid - Review by Chickettes.comI recently saw an advertisement in one of my nail magazines for Mia Secret Chrome Mirror Nail Liquid and it peaked my curiosity.  I’ve seen several images of metallic chrome looking nails on Pinterest and other places over the years and tried to find something other than the chrome press-on nails, wraps or foils that would do the trick.  I’ve personally never been able to achieve a perfect foil nail (maybe that’s something I need to practice more).

I purchased the Chrome Mirror set on Amazon which comes with the chrome liquid and a UV base/top gel.  The directions say to prep your nails as you would for a regular gel polish manicure by buffing, cleansing and applying a primer if desired.  Then you apply the base/top coat, cure it and wipe off the tacky layer.  This step is critical because the chrome liquid won’t appear shiny if you apply it onto the tacky layer (I tried it).  Then you apply the Chrome Mirror liquid and let it air dry before applying the UV base/top coat again, curing and cleansing.

The chrome liquid is a very thin metallic liquid, it’s not a nail polish and won’t cure in a lamp, but you do apply it like a nail polish.  I applied three coats of the chrome liquid and it very quickly dried to a shiny metallic finish right before my eyes.  Note that it will show every flaw in your UV gel base, so the base layer needs to be meticulously applied.  Because the chrome liquid is very thin it pools into the cuticles really easily if you have too much on the brush or touch your skin during application.  This frustrated me at first, but then I realized that I could apply it as messily as I wanted because the excess will wipe right off when the UV top coat is cleansed.

I got really excited when I was applying this liquid because the chrome effect looked really awesome.  However, I noticed that the top coat dramatically reduces the effect and makes it look like a dull metal instead of shiny chrome.  Boo!  The photo below shows the difference.  I took this photo before doing any clean-up.

Mia Secret Chrome Mirror Nail Liquid - Review by Chickettes.comI tried leaving my nails without a top coat.  The Amazon listing says that the chrome effect will only last up to 2 hours without the UV top coat… and yep, the stuff comes right off.  If you get your nails wet or touch anything they get messed up.  I ended up with chrome all over my face and some seriously messed up looking nails!  To my dismay, I re-applied and top coated them all.  The result was still pretty, but just not what I was after.

Mia Secret Chrome Mirror Nail Liquid - Review by Chickettes.comI wondered if a different top coat would work better.  I tested the chrome liquid with every brand of gel base & top coat that I own as well as RNP.  RNP was a total failure.  As far as gel bases go, it does work best with the one that comes in the kit.  For gel top coats, it didn’t matter… they all dulled the effect the same.  I did find that using Gelish Structure Gel over the chrome liquid didn’t dull it as much and the results looked better, but the Structure Gel stayed a bit tacky after cleansing.

Unfortunately no matter what top coat I used, the wear was exactly the same… HORRIBLE!  Within hours every nail was chipping or peeling, even with a gel top coat.  I was very careful to cap the tips also.  The chrome liquid simply isn’t able to adhere to the shiny base layer and ends up peeling off.  This picture was taken less than 12 hours after application.

Mia Secret Chrome Mirror Nail Liquid - Review by Chickettes.comMy recommendation regarding this product is… don’t waste your money!  Unless of course you want beautifully shiny chrome nails for just a few minutes.

If anyone else has tried this product and found a winning combination to make it last, please let us all know in the comments.  :)  Also, if you know of a different product that provides a shiny chrome effect, I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. Cathy says:

    It’s NOT the same but if you’re craving that silvery look…Essie’s RNP “no place like chrome” is fun.

  2. Liszt Fanatic says:

    Kim at tenlittlecanvases.com seemed to like the ChromeMe from CrystalLac (http://www.crystalnails.com/webshop/gel-nail-polish/Chro–Me-CrystaLac-gel-polish-125), enough that she’s now trying some of the brand’s other lines. I haven’t tried it myself, though. It looks much like the dried version of the Mia you’ve reviewed, but some shiny is better than no shiny.

    In rnp, Dance Legend’s Steel line is nice; llarowe.com has it.

  3. Carrie says:

    I have silver nail wraps. I really feel like that works the best. More mirror effect than foil. Did you happen to look at the ingredients for the chrome liquid? I’m curious about it. Everyone who has tried it so far seems to say it doesn’t last at all.

  4. Mal Timmons says:

    Oh, what a shame! It looks stunning Andrea.

  5. Sandra Moreno says:

    Hi!! I love your page!! I’m from Mexico and we don’t have so many brands of gels and stuff like you guys do :( I saw a video of another brand called Pro Fantastik Gel (I don’t know if you knew about it) anyhow, they said that you have to apply two coats of base (cure each other of course) and then apply the liquid (because I don’t think it’s nail polish) then let it set for 2 minutes and then apply another coat of the liquid if necessary, let it dry again, and then apply the top coat and cure 2 to 4 times (as it needs) for 45 secs each cure. I think it takes a lot of time but maybe it’s what this product needs… thanks for your swatches!!! :)

  6. Julia says:

    I have just used it on 3 people one natural nail application and 2 over acrylics so far only one application has held up. the natural nails peeled within 2 days and the other 3 days. I am the one whos it has lasted on, I am not a picker and I am also rough on my nails, there is a lot of shrinking if you do not get the base applied evenly and the top. I will be trouble shooting this product till I get it to stay on *determined* I will keep you posted

  7. angela says:

    The best ai’ve tried so far are:
    Jewelry Jel: Pikka Pika (there are 4: light pink, light blue, silver and gold) and their MT007 metallic (champagne gold) plus no wipe top above and below. Small micron pigments and very shiny. The bottling isn’t the greatest tho, even if those 5 plus no wipe top (crystal clear) are.

    Crystal Nails Chro-me: they’re really nice, or at least the 6 of the 7 I tried are. I didn’t like the bronze and it stained. Their Chro-me no wipe top is also very very good, durability is also good, but it’s sold in a very small ml volume for the price.

    BMC metallics are really affordable and except for the tint dye kind of staining my nails on the dark blue, an excellent value in a large volume size. Not quite as mirror like, but easy to apply.

    The no wipe solution I found is Akzentz Shine On (no wipe) above and below. Really great and no dulling. It’s a better value in .5 oz., cures in 30 seconds LED and it’s compatible with all chromes and everything else. Yay that! All inhibition layer tops and even some no-wipes interfere with chromes that I’ve tried otherwise. They look ‘frosty’ rather than chrome or don’t adhere. The other option is Brillbird no wipe top, best durability but very price prohibitive and not the shiniest.
    To recap:
    Akzentz Shine On no wipe top (above and below), high recommend
    Jewelry Jel Pikka Pika and MT007 lacs
    Chro-me chrome lacs (all but bronze)
    BMC is the metallic lac value option, a good place to start when paired with the right no wipe
    Best tips:
    – Shake shake shake, thin thin thin on smooth smooth smooth!
    – Don’t cap the free edge on the metallic lac coats, only the no wipe coats (and your base, per usual).
    – In order, apply base (cure), optional soak off builder for smoothness and strength (these are very thin and show all imperfections), no wipe top (cure), chrome lac x 2 (air set until you see the finish, then fuse down like the color coat in the lamp), then apply no wipe top (cure). Have fun!
    – Budget a little more time for soak off, mine have all leaned pesky. Metal pigment lacs don’t really respond to passive acetone sitting on it (without mechanical rubbing). So I abraid the topcoat well, rub off the lac coats manually (even IPA will rub them off), then soak off the remainder with acetone per usual for easiest removal.

    • angela says:

      Oh yeah, BMC metallics are a little more ultra micro ‘frosty’ than chrome-y on their best day, I only mention them because gel & lac chromes can get expensive and these are like affordable training wheels (same process).

    • Angela says:

      I forgot to say that all brands I’ve tried don’t tolerate the wet topcoat sitting on them long without dulling the effect. Brillbird, for instance suggests you cure each finger on the final topcoat step singly. That does work to keep more chrome effect and stop no wipe topcoat from dulling it on brands I’ve tried, I noticed the same when I swatched them singly compared to applying my first mani attempts trying to cure my whole hand at once. Shinier on the single swatch and fingers cures, more frosty or dull when topcoat sits wet on them before cures. Yeah, it’s hard to get used to. And they’re all annoying to apply really.

  8. AT says:

    I saw something on instant gram call Finx gel nail from user firstgelgermany. It’s a gel base for foil and it comes out really nice. Too bad they don’t sell it in the US though

  9. LoveAMani says:

    Try brillbird….ive heard their “mettalic” colirs are good and so far all of thir products have been amazing! (Great shine, long lasting,no lifting, easy to work with!)

  10. Szilvia Desics says:

    I paid a fortune for this shit, I ordered from the USA to Hungary, and very bad, comes off in a few hours :( I am very angry.

  11. Tracey says:

    Use no wipe gel top coat and cure it don’t wipe it
    Stays shiny and chrome looking

  12. Marikka says:

    Oh I SO wish I would have read this before I bought my kit. Only after I started googling if the peeling is just due to a fault of mine, did I stumble upon this. Thank you for sharing this, this is exactly my experience as well! Have to try out the powder pigments now.