KBShimmer Spring 2013 Swatches

Today I have a few polishes from the KBShimmer Spring collection to share with you.  The collection will be officially released on February 15th, and you can preview all of the colors in the press release. Here is a bottle shot to show off the new labels.  The lighter color polishes have a black label, and darker polishes have a white label which provides great contrast for easy reading.  The new polishes also come with a new flat brush.

I love glitter polishes that build up well without having to apply a base color underneath.  The first two colors are just that and they applied flawlessly.  I applied three coats of each to get a nice layered glitter effect and for full coverage.  Each of these manicures are also topped off with two coats of KBShimmer Clearly On Top, which smoothed out the glitter for a nice glossy finish.

This is “Iris My Case” a light purple crelly (creamy/jelly) base loaded with purple, pink, silver and blue glitters of different sizes.

KBShimmer Iris My Case - Spring Collection

KBShimmer Iris My Case - Spring Collection

KBShimmer Iris My Case - Spring Collection

“Spring Training” is a light green crelly base with pink, purple, blue and green glitters of different sizes.  The color combinations of both of these crelly/glitter polishes just scream spring!

KBShimmer Spring TrainingKBShimmer Spring TrainingKBShimmer Spring Training

And finally we have “A Dot Mess”.  First, love the name… second, love the circle shaped glitter!  This one is a top coat that’s meant to be layered over other colors and it’s loaded with fuschia and black glitters and microglitter.  I layered it over OPI Fly for a nice contrast.

KBShimmer A Dot MessKBShimmer A Dot MessKBShimmer A Dot Mess

So what do you think? Do these put you in the mood for spring?! I can’t wait to also get my hands on “Little Dottie” and “Get Clover It”!

* Products provided for review.

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  1. Essie Rae says:

    Great swatches! WOW.