Haunted Nail Designs for Halloween

halloween2Salon life is keeping me busy, but I made some time to create fun nails for my favorite holiday… Halloween!  This look was created using the UberChic Beauty Halloween-01 stamping plate, which has lots of cute and festive patterns.  I also just purchased the new Halloween-02 plate and look forward to creating another design before the month is over.

The gradient seen on the middle finger and thumb was created using LeChat Dreamscape and Plumeria, and the orange color on the ring finger is LeChat Lollipop.  I used my favorite stamping polishes from Mundo de Unas.

The color combo and patterns definitely have me in the spirit!

walking-deadLast week I was sporting a Walking Dead inspired mani!  It’s one of my favorite shows and I can’t wait for the season premier this Sunday.   Unfortunately I didn’t get a great photo before taking this off – this was a quick shot that I took at the salon.  My thumb is intentionally cropped out because it was broken down super short, but it had a zombie face on it.  My right hand also had a similar theme with some different images.

All of the art was stamped using the UberChic Beauty Zombie Love plate.  The colors seen on my index nail are Pink Gellac Army Green and Lipstick Red (also on the pinky).  The blood splatter look was done using a small straw – I dipped the end of the straw in red polish and blew through the other end to create the splatter.  This technique is a bit messy and requires clean-up around the edges before curing.

Check out my Instagram account for more fun looks throughout the month!

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4 Responses

  1. Rona says:

    So Cool….My grandchildren would love this look on me.

  2. Jera Becker says:

    Love them!! I have recently thought about going to nail tech school. One day, I hope!

  3. Sabryna Brooks says:

    Those are just perfect for Halloween. Loved all your designs.