Gelish 2013 “Winter Reds” Swatches

The last couple of years Gelish has released a set of reds called “Winter Reds”.  The 2013 set includes five shades of red.  Note that these are existing colors and are not new shades.  Below are my swatches of each of the 2013 Winter Reds.  Hot Rod and Red Roses are pretty similar colors – I actually have a hard time telling them apart.  Of all of these reds, Good Gossip is the most popular shade because of it’s gorgeous glittery finish.

Gelish Winter Reds 2013

Since we’re on the subject of reds, I have a few other red Gelish swatches that I haven’t posted yet.  Red-y and Waiting is only available in MINI size.  Spicy Fortune is a limited edition color from the Year of the Dragon collection.  These two colors also look very similar to Hot Rod and Red Roses.  I don’t see the  need to own all of these reds – one of the 4 will do.  ;)  And Just in Case Tomorrow Never Comes is a bright red, but it has a shimmery finish.  This one is similar to Queen of Hearts except it’s lighter/brighter.

Red-y and Waiting

Red-y and Waiting

Spicy Fortune

Spicy Fortune

Just in Case Tomorrow Never Comes

Just in Case Tomorrow Never Comes

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19 Responses

  1. Liszt Fanatic says:

    The Gelish official webpage lists eight colors in the Winter Reds collections: the six you have above, as well as another two called “Dancer Prancer Cranberry Vixen” and “Santa with His Nose so Bright.”

    I’ve read elsewhere that these last two will only be available in the full-size bottles. They don’t get any hits on, though, either individually or as part of a “Winter Reds 2013” set.

    Does anybody have information about these? Have they been released yet? Will they be sold individually? (I have several of the other colors already, so I’ll pass if they only sold as part of a set.) And are they pretty much like other Gelish reds?

    • Andrea says:

      I saw the other two colors listed on their website also, though I haven’t found either of the colors for sale anywhere individually or as part of a collection.

    • Andrea says:

      Interesting! Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely post here if I find any info on those colors. Do you know anything about a color called Day Dream Confetti? That was supposed to be a limited edition released only at Cosmoprof.

  2. Melissa says:

    How do you get such uniform coverage with the darker colors? I struggle with this all the time. Also, they don’t seem to cure that well =\

    • Andrea says:

      I almost always apply three coats and I tend to do a lot of flash curing to prevent shrinkage because gel polish naturally pulls away from the edges if you don’t.

      • Andrea says:

        I also don’t have any curing issues since upgrading to the 18G lamp. When I still used a UV lamp I often had to cure darker colors longer.

      • Melissa says:

        What do you mean by flash curing? I have a portable-sized LED and it seems like it takes forever to cure, and even if it seems cured, when I go to apply another coat or the top coat, it “pulls” the polish down and i end up with a thin part up near my cuticles. I love the darker colors, especially in the winter, but this is really frustrating me =/ Thanks for the tips, love your blog!

        • Andrea says:

          Hmm… it sounds like you might need a more powerful lamp. Flash curing is when you put the freshly painted nail under the light for 5-10 seconds just to get it to harden a little and stay in place.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I have just been going gel nails for a few months and am trying to find a red gel color that would replace my well loved Essie Limited Addiction. It is almost the same color as China Glaze Phat Santa if you are familiar with that polish. I have Red-y and Waiting and it is gorgeous but not as deep as the Essie. If anyone has any suggestions I would be so grateful!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! I will check those out!

  5. Mal Timmons says:

    Hi Andrea, on the subject of curing, i have just had my first problem. Using Gelish polishes , and lamp from Sallys..ASP make, at about £80..used for about 6 months, and maybe 2 people per week, not sure if bulbs would lose intensity that quick? Good Gossip.. Top coated last hand, didn’t cure any of them, wiped loads off!! Other hand, fine!! Top coated again, and all was ok! Then next lady, Gelish Blue, both thumbs would not cure, came out the lamp, running to the sides! All other fingers were fine. Wiped over thumbs, reapplied, and all was fine again!! So odd, seems like bulbs are having drop out of power!! With your extensive knowledge of gels and lamps, can you throw any light on this for me? Thanks Andrea, hope you had a cracking Christmas. Mal from the UK….

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Mal. It does sound like it might be a bulb issue. I’ve been using the same UV lamp with the original bulbs for 2 years and haven’t had any issues yet. It seems a little premature for your bulbs to need replacement. Perhaps try contacting Sally’s or the manufacturer to see if they will send you replacement bulbs. If it’s not that, could it be the way the hand was positioned in the lamp? I know that with some lamps you have to position your thumbs to point up toward the light or they won’t cure properly.

  6. Mal Timmons says:

    Thanks Andrea. .will speak to Sallys..seems a bit premature to me too! I was shocked to see these nails come out uncured!

  7. Mal Timmons says:

    Hi there are a few new reds on the gelish, can you tell me what is the brightest, like, fire engine red! And with full coverage. Or, if you know a bright red in the ibd…? I only have lady in red, so as long as it’s much brighter than that! Thanks Andrea. Mal….x

    • Andrea says:

      I would say that Spicy Fortune, Hot Rod Red and Red Roses are the brightest reds. They’re all VERY similar, I can hardly tell them apart on my swatch sticks. They’re also all a tiny bit shear. I got pretty good coverage with Spicy Fortune though.