Soft Pink Rose Nail Art Using Decals

Swatching all of those light pinks the other day inspired me to do a girly design for my weekly mani.  I bought some rose water decals from the Born Pretty Store a while ago and thought they’d pair perfectly with ibd I’m No Damsel since it’s such a soft, light pink.  So I started with three coats of I’m No Damsel, then wiped the tackiness off and applied the decals. I used a cotton swab to press the decals onto my nails and push out any wrinkles and I also applied some heat with my hair dryer (per the instructions).  After the decals were dry and in place just as I wanted them, I applied my Gelish TIO and cured one last time.  For the accent nails I applied three coats of ibd Jupiter Blue and added stripes using my white Ink Art Gel Polish.  These water decals were really great to work with and I love how this mani turned out! Soft Pink Rose Nail Soft Pink Rose Nail Art

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5 Responses

  1. This might be my all time favorite! So delicate and pretty!

  2. Jolien says:

    just gorgeous

  3. Gosia says:

    wow, I love this mani!!! so beautiful!

  4. Bambi Kṛṣṇā Dāsī says:

    I love decals! Makes nails so pretty ♡ very easily. And this is a really nice combo! That blue is makes it perf.

  5. bilson says:

    i like your art.. really its very beautiful.. its very amazing..easy to make but very pretty look.. thanks for sharing these simple nail art.. i ll can try its by myself too.