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Gelish It’s a Lilly and Light Elegant

I have a couple of Gelish swatches from my archive to share with you today. The first color is It’s a Lilly, which is a very pretty shade of pink/purple.  The manufacturer swatches for this one look much more purple than it actually is.  It has purple undertones, but it’s much lighter and rosier than I expected.  If you watched my recent stamping video, this is the color that I was wearing.  Note that It’s a Lilly also fades over time to an even lighter shade.

Gelish It's a Lilly Swatch

Gelish It's a Lilly Swatch

Gelish Light Elegant is a soft pink with a shimmer finish.  It’s a bit on the sheer side and will show some visible nail line. The swatch below is three coats of color.

Gelish Light Elegant Swatch

Gelish Light Elegant Swatch

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  1. Jane says:

    It’s a Lilly is my favourite Gelish. Great colour for any season. Never had a problem with fading.

    I had Light Elegant once, but felt it was far too sheer. I’d hoped to use it as a sort of neutral, but I didn’t like it. My nails didn’t look as good as yours, though. Some people like Light Elegant for French if looking for something sparkly.

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