Elegant Neutral and Black Stamped Nails

Chickettes.com neutral gel polish with a black stamp & studI’ve been wanting to create a simplistic black & tan nail art look for a while.  I think this look is simple and elegant, and can be worn just about anywhere.  I started with three coats of ibd Dockside Diva, which is probably one of my favorite neutral shades of all time.  I stamped the pattern onto each nail using my DRK-A stamping plate and Mundo de Unos black stamping polish.  (Mundo de Unos is currently not shipping internationally, but a good substitute would be Konad black polish.)  And finally, I applied a black stud to each nail.

I’m planning to create a short video to show how to apply studs with gel polish since it’s a popular question that I receive.  I dab a bit of Gelish Foundation gel onto my nail where I want the stud, press the stud down into the Foundation, and then cure it.  I often also take a very fine brush and brush some of the Foundation gel around the stud, and cure again.  This just helps hold it in place better.  And finally, I apply 1-2 coats of top coat over the entire nail, including the stud.

Chickettes.com neutral gel polish with a black stamp & studHere’s another look at this design at a slightly different angle.  I took tons of photos of this design in an attempt to get a few shots of the stamping detail without the glare from my lights.  I’m pretty pleased with this design, and will probably wear it for several days (hey, that’s a long time for me!).

Chickettes.com neutral gel polish with a black stamp & stud

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23 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    Actually Sylvia announced on her Facebook just this weekend that Mundo de Unas is once again open for international shipping. They are also adding mixing balls and labels to all of the polishes! :)

  2. Diana says:

    Who is Mundo de Unos made by? I tried to google it and look on amazon but did not find it.

  3. Kristina says:

    What are your favorite mundo de unas colors?

    • Andrea says:

      All of them. LOL I think I bought about 15-20 of them. Black and white are a must, and then they have lots of fun colors. They all stamp well over light or dark colors. You really can’t go wrong, except that they smell bad.

  4. Kristina says:

    Haha thanks! I have konad in black, white, and silver and I find that the silver is very translucent. So I’m looking forward to trying the mundo de unas because based on the manicures you’ve done using them they seem very opaque and create a crisp design.

  5. Hi, I think your work is fab I’ve just stared stamping and I really struggle sometimes the patterns there and sometimes it’s not its so strange, how do you get it so neat and perfect they look mega.. Help .. Janice x

  6. Della says:

    that is very pretty.. that is a nice transition color. you are amazing! thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  7. Kristin says:

    Love the design. The studs really give it an extra punch.
    Thanks for the great ideas.

  8. Diana says:

    Do you have a list of stamping polishes that work good?

  9. Hi no I haven’t watched your video I will take a look Thankyou.

  10. this is a really pretty design! I would love to see a video on how you apply studs. At Cosmoprof my rhinestones fell out within, oh… 20 seconds!

  11. Mal Timmons says:

    Hi Andrea, I have just bought some stamping polishes from Moon nails supply in Mexico, I will let you know what they are like! Have you got any? Such problems getting Mundo de Unas, to uk, so have taken a chance. ..lol . IBD, do you know which one is cream, and which one is pure white? I really like this brand for price, and would love more swatches from you if poss? I am not always getting replies back from your site, so, sorry if I’m repeating myself! Mal, from the UK. …

  12. Ann Hird says:

    Hi Andrea
    Thanks for all the great swatches and videos, I am hooked on gel polishes and stamping now. Do you know where a can get hold of the DRK stamping plate you have used, I live in the UK. Thanks Andrea

  13. Mal Timmons says:

    Hi Andrea, the moon nails supply in Mexico, is the same as mundo. Handy polish. I received it in 10 days to the UK. Just in case anyone is wondering! A lot quicker than Mundo. But, there site/Facebook page keeps going down! Have you revealed what that Gold glitter gel polish is yet? Lol….X

  14. Torrie Hoskins says:

    Love this