DIY Hard Nails – Creamy Gel Polishes

DIY Hard Nails - Creamy Gel Polishes

I have a few more colors from DIY Hard Nails to share with you today. These are the gel polishes from this line that have a creamy finish. All of these colors have great opacity, which I really love. The white and black may be my new favorites to use for nail art bases because they offer full coverage with fewer coats than most others. This is my last batch of DIY Hard Nails swatches for a while, but you can check out the others that I’ve done previously here. I may also prepare a gallery page to put these swatches all together in one place.

So let’s get to the colors. For each of these swatches I have applied three coats of color for consistency, but many of these do offer great coverage with just two coats. I also applied a glitter gradient on the ring finger of each of these swatches so that you can see how the DIY glitter toppers look over other colors.

This is Whiteout with a glitter gradient using Blue Cocktail.

DIY Hard Nails - Whiteout w/Blue Cocktail glitter

Black Cat is my new favorite black.  It’s seen here with a Galaxy Twilight glitter accent.  I recently used black cat in some nail art which you can see here.

DIY Hard Nails - Black Cat w/Galaxy Twilight glitter

Red Carpet is a classic bright red, and the accent is Golden Starlight.  Golden starlight is a glitter topper with gold glitter, hexes and star shapes.

DIY Hard Nails - Red Carpet w/Golden Starlight glitter

Sky Blue is a soft light blue shade, and the accent on the ring finger is Blue Cocktail.

DIY Hard Nails - Sky Blue w/Blue Cocktail glitter

Electric Raspberry is a bright pink with some purple undertones.  The accent here is also Golden Starlight.

DIY Hard Nails - Electric Raspberry w/Golden Starlight glitter

DIY Hard Nails gel polishes are currently only available for sale on  If you order 2 or more of these polishes the shipping is FREE!  Also, don’t forget that if you purchase any of these polishes you could qualify to win some additional goodies.  Please read the details at the bottom of this post.

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5 Responses

  1. Pam Pace says:

    Hi there! I really enjoy reading ur blog!! VERY INFORMATIVE!!! Thank u:-) I am in search for aa Awesome Black Gel Polish that I can use for nail art. (A 1 coater) Do u have any recommendations? I also wanted to share with u a TRUE NEON COLLECTION. It is from ACG. I think it was released last year but it is incredible. Talk soon:-)

  2. Lou says:

    I’ve loved all of the polishes from this brand you have shown. I hope they make it over to the uk eventually x

  3. Tam says:

    Hi Andrea! I’m tossing up between Arctic Freeze (Gelish) and DIY Hard Nails WhiteOut mainly for polka dots and little things like that. Maybe even as a backing to nail art like you have. Which is better for that do you think?