Dark Pink Swatches: Gelaze 108 Degrees, Gelaze Purple Panic & FingerPaints Art You Sure?

Hi everyone! I have several new shades of pink to swatch so I’m breaking them down into three groups; light, medium and dark. Today I have the darker shades to share with you, and all three are beauties.  All of these swatches are shown with three coats of polish.

This is Gelaze 108 Degrees, a gorgeous shimmery hot pink.  Wow!  I can’t say enough about how stunning this polish is!  It’s bright, bold and fun.  As with most of the Gelaze polishes, I did experience some shrink-back so I flash cured to keep the polish in place on the tips and edges.  I also found the formula of this polish to be a bit thick and difficult to apply… but I didn’t mind so much because it’s so darn pretty.

Gelaze 108 Degrees SwatchGelaze 108 Degrees SwatchThis is Gelaze Purple Panic, another bright, fun color for summer.  It leans slightly purple and has a purple-ish shimmer finish.

Gelaze Purple PanicGelaze Purple PanicAnd this is FingerPaints Art You Sure?, a very dark pink with a shimmer finish.  This is a very red-leaning pink and is the darkest shade of pink that I currently own and is a great addition to my collection.

This was my first time using FingerPaints gel polish, and I rather liked the formula and the ease of application.  It also has very narrow brush, which I didn’t think I was going to like, but it actually made it easier to control the polish near the edges and get down into the curve of my pinky finger.  The FingerPaints and Gelaze brands can both be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply, and both have small bottle sizes at 0.33 fluid ounces.  Most full size polish bottles are 0.5 fluid ounces, so just be aware of that difference.

FingerPaints Gel Polish - Art You Sure?FingerPaints Gel Polish - Art You Sure?Here is a photo of my darker pinks next to one another.

dark-pink-comps-2And here’s a quick photo of Art You Sure? next to Ink Ravishing and Gelish Rendezvous (spelled wrong on my swatch stick).  I consider these to be a little more cranberry-ish than pink.


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8 Responses

  1. Christina says:

    Hi Andrea,

    What exactly is flash curing and how exactly do you do it? How does this help with shrink? I sometimes have that with the darker colors. A step by step or video would be great for us newbies, lol. Thanks


    • Andrea says:

      You just put your hand in the lamp for a few seconds after painting a nail – do it right away before the polish has a chance to shrink back from the edges. Then cure all of your nails for the normal amount of time after you paint all of the nails.

  2. Rosie says:

    My favorite nail polish shade of all time is OPI’s La Paz-itively Hot. It’s a hot pink that has a cool or blue-ish tone and a subtle blue flash. However, I can only seem to wear gel/UV nail color because otherwise it chips the first or second day. I have tried “sandwiching” RNP and it doesn’t work, I need a gel nail color. Andrea, do you or your readers have any suggestions for a gel color dupe of La Paz-itively Hot? :) Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      I haven’t seen that color in person so I’m not sure what would be a good gel comp. I was thinking that the two Gelazes on this post might be the closest I’ve seen to what you described.

      • Rosie says:

        I tried Gelaze 108 Degrees and I really love it. La Paz-itively Hot has more of a cream finish, although I do like the shimmer to 108 Degrees. I think the winner is Shellac Tutti Frutti. It’s a gorgeous hot pink with a cream finish and a subtle blue flash. I think it’s a little darker and more magenta-toned than La Paz, but I love both.

  3. Lisa says:

    Love the 108 degree color, but so sad that it doesn’t last more than a week without chipping as it is such a pretty color

  4. Long says:

    Do any of these Gelaze gel polishes match its corresponding regular nail polish? I have a few and they are noticeably different.