China Glaze Fifth Avenue

I recently purchased several China Glaze polishes that were on sale. I’ve heard from many people that the Romantique collection is great for stamping, so I grabbed several shades from that collection. Below are swatches of Fifth Avenue, which is a lovely dusty rose color. I stamped it with Passion and BM314 stamping plate from the 2012 BM plate collection. I’m actually having some problems with these plates and am talking with BM about getting a replacement set. The impressions in my plates seem to be too shallow and I’m having a hard time picking up images. This is one of the good ones of the bunch, and you can see that the stamp quality isn’t great. In person it doesn’t look horrible, but you can really see the imperfections when it’s magnified.

China Glaze Fifth Avenue stamped w PassionChina Glaze Fifth Avenue stamped w PassionChina Glaze Fifth AvenueChina Glaze Fifth Avenue

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2 Responses

  1. GeekGirl says:

    Just checking is China Glaze a gel polish or just regular? Kia Ora!