VIDEO: Gel Polish Stash & Work Station Update

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been crazy busy with work and holiday stuff. I have a few new Gelish Trends that I’ll be swatching very soon and I keep hoping that the Gelish Snow Escape collection will be available for sale any day now so that I can work on those swatches as well. I call my local Sally’s every week since the girl gold me they get shipments every Thursday.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a quick video update of my polish stash since it has changed quite a bit since my last stash video was posted in February.  I find it interesting to watch my stash grow.  I just found this post from September of 2012 where I said I had 90 bottles of nail polish (gel & RNP).  Today I have around 200 bottles of gel polish and probably another 100-150 bottles of RNP (not including base/top coats, etc).  That’s a guess though, I haven’t actually counted in a while.  (Update:  I counted 228 bottles of gel polish).  I also keep this Excel spreadsheet of my gel polish stash in case you’re interested.

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20 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    Looking forward to those swatches, Andrea!

    Thanks for posting the video of your stash — it makes me feel less guilty about my own collection ;-)

    But the most important thing is that you have a great Christmas. So don’t let us stop you doing that all-important preparation. Only a week away now!

  2. Tracy says:

    What kind of desk did you get from Ikea? I’m going Friday and have debating which one to get. Does the glass top just sit on top of the file cabinets? Thanks
    And I LOVE your blog

  3. adrienne says:

    I recently ordered a lamp and gelish supplies to start doing my own gel nails at home. I can’t wait and I love your site – it’s helping me get started and choose some great colors to start with. I would love to try and find a color that is close to the Pantone color for 2014 – radiant orchid. Any idea which gelish color would be closest? I think it would be fun to use this color for the new year…

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hey Andrea!
    I have a product question but wasn’t sure how to email other than replying to a post lol
    I need a new bottle of gelish foundation and wanted to get the full size instead of the minis I usually get at Sally’s. But looking on amazon, etc there seem to be lots of different ones (by that I mean different looks to the label on the bottle). Do you have a seller you recommend? I don’t want to end up with a knock-off that doesn’t work as well.


    • Andrea says:

      I actually don’t really pay attention to the sellers on there, but I checked my order history and I bought my foundation & top it off from sellers named Salon Supply Store and HOLLYWOOD. I’ve never ended up with a knock off when buying from Amazon. Their product photos look a little off, but the product was legit.

  5. Kristina says:

    Where do you but your swatch sticks from? I love how you have them organized on binder rings, I need to do that with mine!

  6. Heidi Hankins says:

    Hi Andrea, Can I ask where you buy your swatch sticks?

  7. Jasmine says:

    Hi, i love your site. I just started doing my own gel nails and I need a good light for my desk?? What kind do you have??? Do you like it??. Thanks so much!!!

  8. Sammi says:

    I noticed you are using the same swatch sticks that I use. I’ve notice that the gel polish can pop off of them fairly easy, have you had this problem too? And if so do you do any prep work to the swatch sticks? It’s driving me nuts lol Thx for you time in this matter.

  9. Monica says:

    Hi! I really enjoy your website and frequently watch your videos. I love doing my own nails and I have quite a set up like you have. I was wondering if you can do a favorite supplies video? One where you tell us about the tools and supplies that you prefer. Such as gems and nail art supplies, go to gel polish and lint free wipes. Also the way you apply gems and such to gel nails. Thanks so much.

  10. Jane says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I can see a gelish mini lamp in your drawers, how did you like it? I cannot decide between buying gelish mini lamp and a thermal spa led one. Which one is better in your opinion?

    • Andrea says:

      It’s good for travel, but I don’t like that you have to cure the thumb separately. For everyday use I’d rather have a full-hand lamp. I don’t have the ThermalSpa LED, but I’ve heard good things about it.