Halloween Zombie Nails

I’m super excited about showing you tonight’s creation… ZOMBIE nails!  I’ve mentioned before that I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead, and Halloween is also my absolute favorite time of year.  Ever since I saw these zombie nails for sale on Etsy I knew I had to try this at home.  I actually found some old press-on vampire nails that I had left over from a previous Halloween and decided that they would work for this task.  I know zombie nails would normally be short, but since my natural nails are long I had to make them long enough to cover them.  I think they turned out pretty awesome.

I started by shredding the tips of the nails with scissors and cutting out random chunks.  Then I painted them a solid green and then sponged on some browns and lighter greens, and black around the edges.  I took my red polish and just dabbed it onto the tips of the nails and around some of the cuticles.  My fingers and hands don’t look quite as dirty in the pics as they actually were.  I sponged on some black face paint and used dark eyeshadow around the cuticles to make them darker.

Halloween Zombie NailsHalloween Zombie Nails

Halloween Zombie Nails

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  1. Jolien says:

    love the walking dead to :D
    this is really cool