Graffiti with Nail Art Transfer Foils

I’ve been wanting to try transfer foils for a while, and I saw some cool nail art recently that inspired me to try this. I used the foils with gel polish, so I didn’t follow the typical instructions (no foil glue). I started with a coat of Gelish Foundation, two coats of Gelish Deep Sea, and then I used the foundation gel as the “glue” since it’s nice and sticky after it cures. I applied a thin coat of the foundation on top of the color coats, cured it and then stuck the foils right onto it. I was going for a graffiti look, so I just randomly applied three different colored holographic nail art foils (pink, blue and silver). Once I was happy with the foil placement, I topped each nail off with a coat of Gelish Top It Off. It worked a lot better than I anticipated and they turned out pretty cool! Graffiti Nails with Transfer Foils Graffiti Nails with Transfer Foils

Here’s what Deep Sea looked like before I applied the foils.  It’s a deep, dark blue with some purple shimmer.  The photo at the bottom shows off the shimmer a little better.

Gelish Deep Sea Swatch

Gelish Deep Sea Swatch

Gelish Deep Sea Swatch

18 Responses

  1. Yuen says:

    Love this nail art design! Could you show us a tutorial? (:

  2. Jane says:

    And the top layer didn’t dull the foil?
    I’ve ordered some foils, and i’ve been wondering if it was possible to use them with gel polishes, and now i know!

    Hugs from Jane in Norway

    • Andrea says:

      No, it didn’t dull at all. They were very shiny and sparkly :)

      • Jane says:

        Good to know! I’ve seen that people has had a hard time finding a regular top coat to use over foils. Some makes the top coat crack, and others dull them. I’ve been playing around lately with gel polishes. A scandinavian brand has released a line, with a lamp that makes it affordable for us too. Just made my own glitter top coat today by mixing craft glitter and the topcoat. Opens up a whole new glitter world….lol

        I must tell you, that i really enjoy your blog! It’s so nice to be able to see gel swatches, (because let’s face it, ebay is not a good source for those ;) ) and pick up some trips and tricks for newbies!

        Hugs from Jane

  3. It looks amazing with the foil on it! I might have to try a mani like this!

  4. Cindy says:

    I second the desire for a video tutorial :)

  5. ann says:

    hello, i tried the nail foil on my gelish like you said , but the foil does not stick on my base coat off gelish
    how it comes?
    i am disapointed

    thanks for your blog, i learned a lot from you

    • Andrea says:

      Did you leave the tacky inhibition layer in tact? And did you use the right side of the foil? You can also use foil glue instead if it doesn’t work on your gel polish.

      • ann says:

        yes i use the good side of the foil
        what do you mean with leaving the tacky layer intact?
        i first put my 2 layers of gelish color and then i put a layer of base above and put in the lamp

        • Andrea says:

          I was asking if you wiped off the tackiness after curing. Try sticking the foil to the color layer instead of the top coat. I just used foils again last night and they stuck to the color but not the top coat.

  6. ann says:

    i did not wiped off after curing the tacky layer off my base coat
    i tried already on the color and it does not go well also
    is it because i use gelish?

  7. Gigi says:

    I have this same design on right now and I love it! It is so shiny and these colors are amazing together! The first pink foil I pulled did not stick at all so I tried a different pink and it worked fine. I guess some foils need a tackier surface maybe.