Gloss48 Launches GellieBeans Gel Polish – Swatches & Review

GellieBeans Gel Polish Review by Chickettes

Today I have a review of a new-to-me gel polish that is being featured on Gloss48. If you’re not familiar with Gloss48, they offer amazing independent beauty brands that aren’t available at Sephora or the department stores. They carefully curate (and try!) all of the products offered on their site. For the first seven days that products are on the site, they offer a promotional discount so that customers can try new products without breaking the bank. After the launch week, the products are available on the site at regular price. All new members get $10 off of their first order of $30 or more!

Gloss48 is launching GellieBeans gel polish today. The GellieBeans sale starts today, Nov 19th at 11am and lasts one week (until Nov 26 at 11am). Below is a quick summary of the deals that you’ll find on their site for the next 7 days:

  • GellieBeans Starter Kit – $36 (regularly $59.99)
  • GellieBeans LED Lamp – $48 (regularly $79.99)
  • GellieBeans Individual Gel Polishes – $7 (regularly $11.99)

Head on over to to take advantage of this sale!

GellieBeans Starter Kit & LED Lamp

Gloss48 sent me a GellieBeans starter kit, LED lamp and 2 gel polish colors to review. Since this is a brand that I haven’t used before, I put it through a full wear & removal test. Above is a picture of the GellieBeans starter kit and the LED lamp.  Gellie Beans is a DIY brand meant for the at-home user.  The starter kit includes the following:

  • No Sticky Finish (conditioning cleanser) – 4 fl. oz.
  • Best Remover – 4 fl. oz.
  • Primer – 3.7 ml
  • Rock Bottom Base (base coat) – 3.7 ml
  • Hard Candy Shell (top coat) – 3.7 ml
  • Lint-free Wipes
  • Remover Foils
  • Orange Stick
  • Cuticle Pusher/Remover
  • Direction Sheet

Please note that the kit does NOT include the LED lamp or color gel polishes, those must be purchased separately.

GellieBeans Starter Kit Contents

Application & Wear

I followed the step-by-step directions that are included on the back of the GellieBeans starter kit box.  A picture of the instructions are below (click on the image for a larger view).  There are a couple of quick things to note:

  • Step 1 says to lightly buff the top layer of your nail with a 100 grit nail file.  The kit doesn’t include a nail file, but I want to point out that a 100 grit file is too coarse to use on the surface of your nail.  Please use a 180 or 220 grit buffer instead.
  • Step 2 says to apply the primer on your nails.  I used the primer in my wear test since it was recommended in the instructions.  Primer helps bond the gel polish to your nails and is great for people that regularly have issues with chipping or peeling gel polish, but generally is only needed on the tips.  Applying primer will make your soak-off take a little longer than normal.

GellieBeans Gel Polish InstructionsThe polish application was great.   The bottles and brushes are very small and it took a little getting used to the feel of the small brush, but the polish went on flawlessly and was opaque in just two coats.  I actually really liked the formula because it was thin enough to apply evenly and smoothly, but it didn’t run into my cuticles or shrink back from the tips.  The top coat appeared a little bumpy when I first applied it, but it self-levels very quickly to a nice smooth, glossy finish.

I used the GellieBeans lamp for the curing process.  The lamp appears that it would be wide enough to fit your full hand, but it’s not deep enough to fit the thumb at the same time as the fingers so the thumb has to be cured separately.  It only has a single on/off switch on the back, and doesn’t have a timer so you have to manually time the cure.  I really wish the lamp at least had a 30 second timer on it.

I applied two coats of “More Cream Less Coffee” on my right hand for the wear test.  I’m happy to report that my GellieBeans manicure lasted for two full weeks with no chipping or peeling.  Below is a picture of my nails after 2 weeks of wear.  The top coat got a little scuffed up, but overall the polish held up well.  And yes, the nails on my right hand are super short right now!  I suffered a bad break on the middle nail prior to starting the wear test and filed all of them down.

GellieBeans Wear Test


I also followed the instructions for the removal process, which says to break the seal with a file and then apply some of the remover liquid onto a lint-free wipe and wrap it around the nail with a piece of foil.  I was actually skeptical that this would work since the lint-free wipes are so thin, so I used the wipes on two nails and cotton on the others… in the end they all worked exactly the same.  I checked my nails after 10 minutes of soaking and the edges of the nails were starting to peel up, but the polish was still adhered pretty well to the center of the nail.  I repeated the soak/scrape process a few times until it was all off.  The total removal time took about 20 minutes.  I believe that applying primer to the whole nail probably made the soak-off take longer than it should have.  I recommend using primer on just the tips if you find that you have issues with chipping or peeling.

The Colors

As seen above, this is More Cream Than Coffee, a creamy light grey.  You’ll notice that my swatch photos only show three fingers, and that’s because the bottles are very small and I couldn’t do my normal 4-finger pose.  The GellieBeans bottles are 3.7 ml / .13 fl oz, which is about a quarter of the size of a typical full size gel polish bottle.

GellieBeans More Cream Than CoffeeGellieBeans More Cream Than CoffeeCandy Apple is a very classic, bright red with a cream finish.

GellieBeans Candy AppleGellieBeans Candy Apple

Overall Thoughts

I was impressed by the application and wear of GellieBeans gel polish.  The removal took a little longer than normal, however I attribute that to the primer. My nails generally hold gel polish well and I don’t typically need a primer.  The retail prices are high considering the size of the bottles and the lack of features on the LED lamp… the special Gloss48 sale prices are more reasonable.  I think these polishes might make a good gift for a teenager or someone that’s just starting out with gel polish, but avid gel polish users will likely find the bottle size to be too small.

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9 Responses

  1. Suzanne Grabow-Center says:

    That size bottle is not for me!!! I also must have a timer on my lamp!!
    I want a LED lamp for Christmas, do you have any new recommendations?
    I have a UV and have never used LED. Thanks Andrea!

  2. shouldbeworking says:

    I was also here looking to see if there were any new LED lamp reviews! Especially interested to see if you know of anything decent below the $200 mark. I know the OPI and Gelish 18G are tried and true, but budget busters for sure. Looking forward to seeing your post next week.

    Thanks for the great work!

  3. Suzanne Grabow-Center says:

    Thanks Andrea! I usually buy whatever you recommend/review! Definitely am looking forward to the shorter dry time between coats!!

  4. Cindy says:

    I took a look at the product offerings and I wasn’t impressed I. I don’t mind the small bottles but the color selection wasn’t good. As a home fit diy user the small bottles are more than enough. But if you want me to buy you have to offer unusual colors that I can’t get anywhere else. I would love to see some True Metalics or a really nice sophisticated olive green.

  5. KD says:

    I’ve ordered before from gloss48, and I wasn’t very impressed with the process. I’m sticking to buying directly from the makers, exclusives or not. They get their orders, THEN order from the maker, get it shipped to them, and then reship to you. I ended up waiting extra, because they didn’t order enough for some reason. Eventually I got it directly from the maker anyway. Never got a response from them about what was taking so long, or any acknowledgement to my emails. Was almost six weeks from the time I ordered to when I got it in the mail.

    • Laura says:

      KD – this is Laura from Gloss48.

      I am SO SO sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience! It’s true that, for our sale items, we place orders once the sale is over. That’s how we get such great pricing – and exclusive colors. If you shop our regular price merchandise, it arrives much faster!

      I feel terrible that you had such a bad customer experience. I will personally look into it!!

      I fully admit – we are a startup and we make mistakes! I hope you will give us another shot!

      Best, Laura

  6. I have around 7 of the GellieBeans gel colours amd I love them! I love the size of the brush, the formula and the price ( I get mine for $7 from Ozsale). I don’t mind that bottled are small as I’d prefer more little bottles for the price of 1 regular sized bottle. I’m also a fan of the brush and the formula.
    love this brand! I only have the colours though, not the top pr base coat. I use Gelish for that.

  7. Janitza Rivera says:

    I want this kit ASAP ! how can I get my hands on it ?