Gelish Trends: Too Tough To Be Sweet & Feel Me On Your Fingertips Swatches

I’m almost done swatching all of the Gelish Trends – only one more to go after today!  You can view all of my other ones over on my Gelish swatch gallery page.  The first one shown here is Feel Me On Your Fingertips.  It’s a purple glitter topper with a clear base.  I applied three coats to get it to look like this, but honestly my nails looked and felt way too think.  This would probably look better applied thinly over a purple or blue base.  You can see that it also has tiny little specks of blue in it too.  It’s super gorgeous and sparkly like all of the Trends!

Gelish Trends - Feel Me On Your Fingertips

Gelish Trends - Feel Me On Your Fingertips

And this is Too Tough To Be Sweet, a pink/cranberry-ish glitter topper.  I’ve worn this one a few times with nail art and loved it. This one has a pink tinted base, but it’s pretty sheer even with three coats.  In the picture below I have applied two coats of Too Tough To Be Sweet over four different bases: clear, white, black and cranberry (Gelish Rendezvous).  I love the look of it over black and cranberry.  You can see this color in my recent “Owl Love” mani.

Gelish Trends - Too Tough to be SweetGelish Trends - Too Tough to be SweetThe Trends toppers are a bit hard to remove since I think they are basically glitter in a top coat base, so if you apply multiple layers your nails will be very strong but may take longer to soak off.  I recommend using a coarse grit file to file off your top layers before attempting your soak-off to speed up the process.

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8 Responses

  1. Suzanne C. says:

    Very pretty!

  2. Lisa S says:

    I do love that purple one and use mine a lot. Do you think you could skip topcoat if using Trends?

  3. Fania says:

    you r so lucky you can buy them from sally they are so cheap! I have to buy them from ebay for about 13 euro each as i stay so far (Cyprus). Gelish have a store here but each bottle costs 33 euro! I mean come on they are so expensive. If you know someone who sells them cheaper please let me know! Thank you very much!
    ps. Andrea i wake up every morning and the first thing im doing is to open my pc and open your website lol :D you r perfect love you!!

  4. Arlene says:

    I like this best on your pinky nail. It gives the appearance of a jelly sandwich.

  5. Dawn Jordan says:

    I have bought and love a lot of the new TREND colors. I have found it much easier to use a solid purple under feel me on your fingertips, a solid black under concrete couture and a dark red under life of the party. Without a nice solid dark matching color underneath I feel like I am not getting a nice crisp line near my cuticles or good coverage at the fingertips. It has made using the new trend colors much easier and without a good base color it looks like a 4 year old polished my nails. I love your website and have been buying all my gelish on ebay or amazon in the larger bottles for 11-13 dollars each. They arrive in 2-3 days and shipping is free. Less than Sally’s and a much larger bottle.

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks, Dawn. The Trends do look better with a base coat underneath and then you don’t need as many layers and it’s not as difficult to remove. I also purchase the full size Gelish bottles from Amazon because they have the best prices online and you get more bang for your buck :)