Gelish Trends – Let Me Top You Off & Rough Around the Edges

Who’s ready for some more Gelish Trends swatches? I have two for you today and will have a few more coming soon. This first one is called Let Me Top You Off. It’s a topper with red, blue and purple glitter. I applied two coats of this on each nail. My index and pink fingers don’t have a base color, the middle finger has a base of Artic Freeze, and the ring finger has Black Shadow. Initially I didn’t notice the purple glitter until I applied it over the black base, then the color really popped out at me. I didn’t think I would like this over black, but that ended up being my favorite of the three looks.  I think this would also look great over a dark purple or blue.  It’s very festive and fun!

Gelish Trends - Let Me Top You Off

Gelish Trends - Let Me Top You OffThis next one is called Rough Around the Edges.  I applied two coats of it over a plain nail, Artic Freeze, Black Shadow and Seafoam.  I honestly don’t know if I can say anything nice about this polish.  I didn’t like the consistency, it’s goopy and sticky and felt like I was applying oatmeal to my nails.  And it’s definitely rough… even after applying a top coat my nails had a lumpy, bumpy texture to them.  I like some textured polishes, but this didn’t do it for me.  The iridescent flakies in this polish would be really pretty if they laid flat nicely.  I heard that Fingerpaints is coming out with some flakie toppers in February, so I may have to try one or two of those to see how they compare.  What do you think… would you wear this?  I definitely won’t be wearing it again.

Gelish Trends - Rough Around the EdgesGelish Trends - Rough Around the EdgesHere’s another shot of what it looked like on my swatch wheel… you can really see the texture here.


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16 Responses

  1. Suzanne says:

    Oh, yikes, hate the second one! The first one is cute and looks fun! Thanks for sharing the different base colors with it!

  2. Ann says:

    Loving the top you off – am sure would look great over lots of colours. Shame that the rough around the edges is so rough and blobby. The glitter flakes are very pretty but no one wants knobbly nails!

  3. Julianne says:

    Super bummed I got some of the trends as a gift for Christmas and was not sure how I felt about Rough Around the Edges and was getting ready to try it but now don’t want to :(. I will try it out and let you know how it works out.

  4. Sandy says:

    It’s hard to believe that cosmetic product designers work so hard over new products to release that no one is ever going to like. You wonder sometimes “What on earth went on in that conference room to produce this?”.
    I agree with Ann.

  5. Jane says:

    There were only 5 Gelish Trends I talked myself of buying — and these were two of them!

    I really like the way Let Me Top You Off looks on your nails, especially over the black. But I wondered, when I have Lots of Dots and Pinch of Pepper, would I use it? Now that I see it, I might… Not talked myself into it yet.

    I’ve not heard a nice word about Rough Around the Edges, although people rave about Trends in general. It is pretty much identical (by looking at swatches) to China Glaze Luxe and Lush. Perhaps that’s what Gelish were thinking of.

    Thanks for these swatches. The one I’m most looking forward to seeing is Sweet 16 as this was another of the 5 I didn’t get (Concrete Couture & Candy Shop were the others). It looked dull on a couple of swatches people have done on colour pops, but I’d love to know what it looks given the Chickettes treatment. Also looking forward to seeing Girl’s Night Out swatches. In the bottle it just looks silver, but I thought it was supposed to have more colour to it.

    Will keep checking your blog!

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Jane – Sweet 16 and Girls’ Night Out are the next two swatches that I have planned to show you, so those will be up in a couple of days. Girls’ Night Out does look silver on the nails and Sweet 16 looks pink. I really love those dense glitter Trends.

  6. Melody says:

    I have tried Rough Around The Edges and kind of liked it. I only put on one coat so it didn’t cause any bumpiness. There was less glitter but I wanted a lighter effect. It did shock me a little bit though when I opened the bottle and saw how thick it was but overall I’ll use it again.

    • Andrea says:

      Yea, another one of my followers posted on FB that hers applied smoothly. She even sent me a picture and hers looked good, so maybe it’s just an inconsistency in the formula. Mine was definitely chunky.

  7. Swååfie says:

    These Trend Edition polishes are awesome!

  8. Jo says:

    I havent brought any Trends yet as Im sitting on the fence as to if i like them or not. Looking at these i kinda like the top one but not loving it. Second one i like the effect but hate the way it is lumpy. So thats out for me then :-/
    Thanks for testing them out on different colours it helps get a better idea

  9. Arlene says:

    Rough Around The Edges is not for me. I like my nails to be smooth. I’m looking forward to seeing Let Me Top You Off on my own nails. Thanks for these swatches. It’s always great to see what they look like on the nails.

  10. I had the same problem with the flakies in IBD Glitterazzi. I think it’s the Mylar type flakies they use. Definitely not the flakie look I have been hoping for in gel. I’m not overly optimistic about the finger paints ones either. By what I’ve seen, they look the same. :(

  11. Joey Z says:

    I kinda like how “Rough” looks over Seafoam but not if it’s goopy. I can’t wait to see the Once Upon a Dream collection!

  12. Jewell Strickland says:

    Could you please do a viteo showing how to use the acrylic powder for us that does not have long nails, before we polish them with gel polish.