Gelish Get Color-Fall Color Comparisons

Many of you asked me to put together some comparisons that show how the new Gelish Get Color-Fall Collection colors compare to some existing colors, so  I pulled out my swatch sticks and took some photos.  You can click on these images to view them at full size.

Let’s start with Berry Buttoned Up… an absolutely gorgeous new shade of purple.  I mentioned in my write-up that is is a little similar to some purples from other brands, so let’s see how they compare.  From left to right, this photo shows Gelish Plum & Done, ibd Indian Sari, Gelish Berry Buttoned Up, CND Shellac Tango Passion, Gelaze Flying Dragon and Gelish Starburst.  ibd Indian Sari and CND Tango Passion are the closest contenders, though they are both a little more reddish-purple and Berry Buttoned Up has a bit more of a frosty finish.

comp-berry-buttonedWhose Cider Are You On? is another favorite from this collection and I don’t think any other browns in my stash come close to it.  Most of my dark browns are cream finishes except for Sweet Chocolate, and it’s just not as rich and lush as Cider.  From left to right, the colors here are Gelish Sweet Chocolate, Whose Cider Are You On?, Strut Your Stuff, Double Shot Espresso (only available in mini size), Want to Cuddle? and Lust at First Sight.  Whose Cider You On is a must have!

comp-ciderAre You Feeling Buff? is the new nude/tan polish.  I actually put two swatch sticks with this color side by side so that you can see that it does fade a bit… it turns a little more yellow-tan.  It has a nice subtle pearly finish, and is a few shades darker than Need a Tan.  The colors seen here are Gelish Do I Look Buff (faded), Do I look Buff? (new), Need a Tan, Skinny Vanilla Latte (only available in mini size), ibd Dockside Diva, and Taupe Model.  I want to point out that Skinny Vanilla Latte and Taupe Model also fade and these are likely the faded versions since I’ve had these swatch sticks prepared a while.

comp-buffHello, Merlot! is the new creamy red. This red looks a little more cranberry to me than the other shades that I have.  Below are some of the darker red shades from my Gelish stash.  Seen in the photo from left to right are Gelish Black Cherry Berry, Touch of Sass, Elegant Wish, Hellot Merlot, Lady In Red, and Backstage Beauty.  This is probably one of my favorite reds.

comp-merlotClean Slate is an opaque, medium blue-grey.  I previously posted that this one was sheer, but I found out that my bottle had the wrong formula… so scratch that!  The colors seen here are Gelish Cashmere Kind of Gal, Let’s Hit the Bunny Slopes, Clean Slate, Midnight Caller and Fashion Week Chic.

comp-clean-slateAnd finally, let’s compare Rake in the Green, a dark grey/green cream.  I put this next to a couple of dark blues and some of the darker greens from my stash.  It falls somewhere in the middle… it’s not a pure green, but it’s not blue either.  It’s very close to No Stranger to Love, but is just slightly lighter and more grey.  The colors from left to right are Gelish I Heart My Instructor, Is It An Illusion?, Rake in the Green, No Stranger to Love, The Dark Side and Race You to the Bottom.


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12 Responses

  1. Liszt Fanatic says:

    “Whose Cider are you On” resembles “Dolomite” by ibd a bit, but they are still quite different.

    Thanks for the comparisons!

  2. LuluHill says:

    Berry Buttoned up looks similar to a combo I do quite a lot, using one coat of Diva followed by one coat of Starburst. It gives a gorgeous deep purple.
    Thanks for all the swatches. I refer to them all the time.

  3. Bunny says:

    Is it my iPad, or is there really a slight pink shimmer in Do I Look Buff?

    Thank you for all of the beautiful swatches!

  4. Hi is clean slate similar to jet set?

  5. Polarbelle says:

    Why does …Buff fade?

    • Chantal says:

      Could it be the pink pigments again? There have been a lot of problems with that.. There is a slight pink shimmer in do i look buff.. Seems like every color with pink pigments fades very little (sometimes a lot) in my opinion..

  6. Char says:

    Hey. I have gotten the clean slate and do I look buff

    But I’ve been having trouble with do I look buff. With rippling

    Do you know that to do I have tried doing it very very thin.
    Any other ideas

  7. Alison says:

    Hi char
    I also had problems with do I look buff wrinkling until I bought a gelish 18g led lamp. However it is still a little thick which is what causes the wrinkling, I think. It also makes it difficult to apply thinly enough, so I bought some gelos gel thinner and added a few drops and is fine now. Maybe if you thin it out a little it won’t wrinkle even if you’re using traditional 36w lamp? I rang up nail harmony to ask about the wrinkling problem and they told me that they hadn’t had any more complaints and that I was applying it too thickly. I told them I couldn’t apply it any thinner and was actually dry brushing before curing to try and remove some of the thickness. I know a lot of people who have had trouble also and think this is pretty poor from h&n harmony tbh :(

  8. Joanna says:

    Hi Andrea, what does the “x” mark on the swatch stick mean? Troublesome formula or fading? Or dupes maybe?