Gelish Candyland Collection Gelish Candyland Collection Swatches

Last spring Gelish released the Candyland collection, filled with bright, cheerful colors.  I’m swatching this collection and the Rio Neon collection so that I can compare them to the new All About the Glow collection that’s slated to be released in May.

Each of theses swatches is three coats of color.  The formulas in this collection are nice – the colors all apply easily and I didn’t have any issues with thickness or wrinkling. Gelish Candyland Collection Swatches

This is You’re So Sweet You’re Giving Me a Toothache.  It’s a creamy light pink.  Rumor has it this color fades a little after application, so I’ll do a swatch stick comparison of this if I see any fading.  You’re so sweet is very close in color to Pink Smoothie, but it’s slightly darker.

Gelish You're So Sweet You're Giving Me a Toothache Gelish You're So Sweet You're Giving Me a Toothache

This is Sugar ‘N Spice & Everything Nice, a bright pink.

Gelish Sugar N Spice & Everything Nice Gelish Sugar N Spice & Everything Nice

This is Don’t Be Such a Sourpuss, yellow with a subtle shimmer.

Don't Be Such a Sourpuss Gelish Don't Be Such a Sourpuss

This is You’re Such a Sweet-Tart, green with a subtle shimmer.

Gelish You're Such a Sweet-Tart Gelish You're Such a Sweet-Tart

This is Sugar Daddy, a fun, bright blue.

Gelish Sugar Daddy Gelish Sugar Daddy

This is Orange Cream Dream.  I took these pictures a while ago, so the format it a little different from the others.  :)

Gelish Orange Cream Dream

Gelish Orange Cream Dream

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4 Responses

  1. Gina Serpico says:

    We have “You’re so sweet you’re giving me a Toothache” and it fades very fast. I did three coats and after a few days it was more a beige pink. Still love Gelish!

  2. Kelly says:

    I am having the same problem with “you’re so sweet…” I really love the almost pepto pink it was at first but am super disapointed after a few days of wear… is there a similar color that doesnt fade?