Daisy Gel Polish

Daisy Duo Swatches

Daisy Duo Swatches 8

I have a few swatches of Daisy Duo soak-off gel polishes. The Daisy Duos come in a package with a matching bottle of regular nail polish, which is why they’re called duos… you get two for the price of one. These polishes don’t require a base coat – you apply them directly onto your nail,(…)

Daisy Soak Off Gel Duos (no bond or base)

Daisy Soak Off Gel Duos (no bond or base) 5

Esther’s Nail Center recently sent me a few of the new Daisy Soak Off Gel Polishes to try. The Daisy gel polishes have been revamped with new bottles and packaging, they now come in duos with a matching regular nail polish (RNP), and they don’t require a bond or base coat which saves time in(…)

Daisy Gel Soak Off Polish Review

Daisy Gel Soak Off Polish Review 2

As you probably know by now, I’m a Gelish freak… love, love, love it.  But the gel polish habit does take a toll on the finances after a while, so I decided it’s time to try out some of the cheaper alternatives that are available.  I purchased two Daisy gel polishes, and two of the(…)

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