About Me

andreaHi Everyone!  My name is Andrea and I’m a self-proclaimed gel polish addict!  :)  This blog is a journal of my experiences with different gel polish brands, application and nail art techniques, and experimentation.  Prior to discovering gel polish my nails were always naked.  I hated spending time doing my nails with regular polish because it would chip within a day, or I would somehow dent or mess up my nails before they were even dry!  My first gel manicure in 2011 sparked an instant love… no more waiting for my nails to dry, no denting, and no chipping or peeling for 2 whole weeks!

I created the Chickettes blog back in 2012 with the intentions of writing an all-inclusive lifestyle blog.  It didn’t take long before I ran out of ideas for things to write about… I only knew so many recipes and DIY projects, etc.  But I could always think of something nail-related to write about!  I was doing my own DIY gel manicures at home and my mailbox was always full of new polish colors, and there were so many techniques to try.  So Chickettes quickly morphed into a blog about gel nail polish.

This blog and the interaction with my readers really fuels my passion for nails and I find that I’m always on a quest for knowledge and information.  I ended up quitting my day job in April of 2014 so that I could focus more attention on the blog, and decided to pursue nail school to become professionally educated in the subject.  I graduated from Brown Aveda Institute in June of 2015, and will very soon have my nail tech license!

So what’s next???  I would like to eventually become an educator.  First, I want to get plenty of hands-on experience, continue training, and really perfect the craft.  I still have a lot to learn, particularly in the area of nail enhancements, so that’s where my focus will be in the coming months (maybe years).

I hope you will continue to follow me on this journey, and that the information I write is helpful and/or inspiring to you!

Contact me at Andrea @ Chickettes.com (without the spaces!)