Vegas… here I come! Cosmoprof North America 2015

When this post publishes, I will be in the air on my way to Las Vegas for the Cosmoprof North America trade show!!  I’m going to get the scoop on all of the new and upcoming products, collections, and trends while I’m there and will be posting updates through my social media outlets over the next few days.  If you want to join me in this experience, please follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!  I’ll be taking lots of pictures so Instagram will probably be updated the most.  I’m sure I’ll have tons of new information to share with you when I return!

I spent HOURS working on designs for my nails for this show.  I changed the look three different times before finally settling on this design.  It’s Vegas baby!  You can’t have enough glitter and bling in Vegas. Glitter and Freehand Gel Polish Nail Art with GlitterI’m going to be traveling for 12 days total, so I applied two coats of acrygel first for extra strength. I applied two coats of white on each nail using Pink Gellac Soft White.  For the blue glitter nails I applied LeChat Into the Deep from the curve up through the middle of the nails with a whispy motion making a semi-gradient effect.  Then I brushed some loose glitter into the tacky layer.  I used a dark blue microglitter (Royal from The Painted Nail), and then a blue and green chunky glitter (Peacock from ArtsyFartsy Crafts).  I top coated over the glitter to hold it all into place, and then did some freehand nail art over top using some Presto nail art gels.

For the pink nails I used a similar technique except I created a gradient using LeChat Seduction, and used pink glitter (Pink You’ve Got My Towel from Uber Chic) and a multi-colored chunky glitter (Wonderland from ArtsyFartsy Crafts).

I can’t even believe how long I spent doing my nails (about 8 hours total!).  I started off with the two blue nails in the middle and just painted the other nails teal blue, but my daughter said they looked very wintery.  Crap!  It’s the middle of summer and I’m going to Vegas… totally not what I was going for.  Then I applied freehand art over the teal using pink, white and silver, but they looked way too busy.  I took my e-file and filed off the color layers and did the pink glitter look.  Much better!

The most complicated part was doing my right hand to match!  LOL  My right hand also had a couple of broken nails so I sculpted some acrylics.  If I put my hands side-by-side you can really tell because of the extra thickness of the acrylic, so I’ll try to hide that hand and maybe no one will notice!  LOL

I’m super excited about this trip and can’t wait to get on the showroom floor!

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3 Responses

  1. Wow!!!! You outdid yourself this time, Andrea! Your work is such an inspiration!

  2. Anne says:

    Have a great time. I look forward to your posts from there.

  3. Michelle says:

    I’ve been so enjoying your IG posts and sneak peeks Andrea, thank you! And I sincerely think you pulled off the perfect nail art/mani for Vegas!!