At-Home Nail Care

(Note that this post is for my local clients in the Cleveland, OH area)

Hello dear clients!  Many of you have asked how to maintain your nails and remove your gel polish or dip powder during the Coronavirus quarantine.  While I hope to be able to service you all again very soon, we unfortunately don’t know when that will be possible.  In the meantime, please use the following tips to care for your nails.

General Care Tips

  • If a nail breaks, rips or becomes rough, clip off any loose edges and file smooth with an emery board to prevent snagging.
  • To save a nail that has a low break, apply nail glue (or super glue if you don’t have access to nail glue).
  • Apply cuticle oil regularly to keep your cuticles and nail plates moisturized.  This is particularly important during these times as we are all washing our hands and sanitizing more frequently than normal, causing excessive dryness.
  • Push your cuticles back regularly.  You can do this after showering when the skin is soft.
  • If your nails are without polish, apply clear nail polish or a nail strengthener regularly.  Having product on your nails will help prevent breakage.
  • Drink lots of water and take daily vitamins.  Biotin is important for nail strength and growth.
  • Trim your toenails if they become too long.
  • Please don’t bite your nails or pick off your polish!  If your gel polish or dip powder starts to lift or chip, use the removal instructions below to take the product off.

Gel Polish & Dip Powder Removal

What you need:

  • 100% pure acetone
  • cotton balls or cotton squares
  • aluminum foil strips
  • 180/80 grit nail file
  • orangewood stick
  • nail buffer / buffing block
  • cuticle oil

**** I have all of these products on hand and can put together removal kits for you if you are interested.  Please text me at 216-548-9375 if you would like to purchase a removal kit ($15).  I will prepare them and have them available for pickup from my house.  I also have our hand-made lotions, scrubs & oils available for sale if you need them. ****


  1. Use an 80 grit nail file to file the top of your nails to break through the top coat layer. The more you hand file, the easier the product will soak off, but be sure not to file all the way down to your natural nail.
  2. Soak a cotton ball in pure acetone, place it on your fingertip and wrap with foil. Repeat for each finger.
  3. Soak for approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the foil from one finger and lightly push the loose gel or dip powder off with an orangewood stick. Repeat for each finger. (Gel polish should flake off.  If the polish isn’t loose, place the foil back on your finger and soak longer.  Dip powder will be gummy and should eventually dissolve if you soak long enough).
  5. Use a nail buffer to remove any remaining bits of base coat and color, and smooth the nail.
  6. Wash your hands.
  7. Apply cuticle oil to your nails.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Always work on a surface that’s acetone resistant such as glass. Acetone spills or drips can cause damage to wood and other surfaces.
  • If you’re experiencing a difficult removal you can use a nail file to assist with the process. Just be sure to use the fine side of the file near your natural nail, and don’t file the nail too much as this can cause them to become thin.
  • Don’t pick or force the product off as this can cause damage to the surface of the nails.
  • The removal process can be assisted with heat. Use a heating pad or hot towels.