Elegant Lace & Gold Manicure

I picked up the MM44 lace stamping plate from Messy Mansion and have been dying to use it. Lace always feels very elegant to me, and today I decided to pair it with gold.  On my middle finger, ring finger, and thumb I started with two coats of ProGel Rebel & Romance from the new Pretty in Punk Collection.  Then I sponged on ProGel Grunged Groupie (also from the same collection) to get a gradient effect.  Normally sponged-on gradients don’t work well with gel polish, but this time it transferred the shimmer/glitter from the polish which created a neat effect.  I applied a thin layer of gel top coat over the gradient, cured and wiped, and then stamped the lace onto two nails.  I used Mundo de Unos black stamping polish and the MM44 lace plate.


The gold on the other two nails is a gel polish with fine gold glitter in a clear base, and it applies with great coverage in 2-3 coats. Not to be dramatic, but I’m going to create a little mystery and suspense and not tell you what this polish is just yet. It will be available for sale in the US very soon, and you will hear about it here first!

(Edit:  The gold glitter polish is now available for sale at the Chickettes Boutique!)

Here is a shot of what the gradient looked like before I added the stamp.


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14 Responses

  1. Mal Timmons says:

    Lol….just when I needed to know the Gold name!! Is it real gold, not bronzy at all? Is the make “Revel” ? Haha…whatever it is I bet I can’t get it in the UK! It’s beautiful by the way!……. Mal from the UK

  2. Great look, I actually liked both looks! :D

  3. Linda / Oh My Beauty says:

    Love it!

  4. Anna says:

    Wow, looks amazing!!

  5. Libby in WI says:

    I NEED that gold. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. You’re such a nail tease ;)

  6. ewlyn says:

    Love the gold gradient :) Great nails!

  7. Kristine says:

    When will you let us know when that gold glitter polish is coming out! its exactly what i’ve been looking for!!

  8. Torrie Hoskins says:

    I absolutely love the lace manicure :) u do such amazing nail art :) I’m envious :(
    I have several gelish colors but rarely use them.
    I tried gelish at a salon after someone recommended it to me and my first color choice was caution :)
    I absolutely loved it :)
    My nails are tissue paper thin so using gelish helps prevent snags but does very little
    In giving the strength I want.
    I have tried everything under the sun to help my nails improve and nothing works! I’ve taken biotin supplements for years on end and had no improvement just caused more acne!!!
    I’m currently taking prenatals ( I’m not pregnant but I know they are beneficial)
    Acrylic overlays are the best option for me. It’s just $40 every three weeks isn’t doable right now.
    Would acrygel help?
    I don’t know what brand of acrylic to use, what would u suggest?
    Can I use my gelish foundation with the powder?
    Will it be thick and fake looking?

    Thanks so much
    Love your blog :)