Harmony Gelish Swatch Gallery

This is a gallery all of my Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish swatches. I will update this page on an ongoing basis as I swatch new colors. Click on the images to see larger photos. Chickettes photos may not be used to sell products without authorization.  If you share my swatch images please DO NOT ALTER them, leave the watermarks in place and provide a link back to www.chickettes.com!  Please read this policy for more information.

Gelish Trends: (glitter toppers)

Lots of Dots

Lots of Dots (over white)

Candy Shop

Candy Shop (over white)

Gelish Trends - Feeling Speckled - Spring 2014

Feeling Speckled

Gelish Trends - Dabble It On - Spring 2014

Dabble It On

Escar-Go to France

Escar-Go to France


Red Alert

Red Alert

Gelish Rendezvous


Just in Case Tomorrow Never Comes

Just in Case Tomorrow…

Cruisin the Boulevard

Cruisin the Boulevard

Red-y and Waiting

Red-y and Waiting



Gelish Red Comparisons

Gelish Reds


Amour Color Please

Amour Color Please

Let's Go to the Hop

Let’s Go to the Hop

Gelish Take Action Color Swatch

Take Action

Orange / Peach:

Cancan We Dance

Cancan We Dance


Doo Wop

Doo Wop


Put a Bow On It!

Put a Bow On It!

Gelish Sometimes A Girl's Gotta Glow

…A Girl’s Gotta Glow


Midnight Cover

Midnight Cover

One Cool Cat

One Cool Cat

Postcards from Paris

Postcards from Paris

Purple / Mauve:

Tasty Eggplant

Tasty Eggplant

Gelish Lust at First Sight

Lust at First Sight





Gelish Purple Comparisons

Gelish Purples

Grey & White:

Gelish Never Too Grey

Never Too Grey

Comparison of Whites

Comparison of Whites

Brown & Black:

Double Shot Espresso

Double Shot Espresso

A Little Cream Please

A Little Cream Please

Metallic – Silver & Gold:

Gelish Danny's Little Helper

Danny’s Little Helper

Tinsel My Fancy

Tinsel My Fancy

Shimmer & Glitter: (Good for layering on top of other colors)

My Secret Santa

My Secret Santa

Neutral & Tan:

Gelish Bashful Color Swatch


Gelish Forever Beauty Swatch

Forever Beauty







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133 Responses

  1. Carolina Perez says:

    Excellent!!!! I love it!! thank you for that!

    I would like to see the new colours.

  2. Kristin says:

    Your nails are gorgeous!!!
    I am going to start doing my own gel nails. I was wondering though I have heard some negatives about Gelish polish colors fading and/or wrinkling. Have you experienced this?
    Also have you ever tried the Couture gel nail system?
    Lastly do you ever combine the systems (i.e. use the Gelish base and top coat with a different line of color)? Or even with a regular nail color (not gel)?

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    • Andrea says:

      Thank you, Kristin. I have had some issues with colors fading and wrinkling. The recent collections have been thick and will wrinkle if you don’t apply in very thin coats. I haven’t tried Couture yet. I have only tried a couple other SOG brands and I do use my Gelish base and top coat with them and they work fine. I normally only use regular nail polish for stamping or art on top of Gelish and that works ok too if you top it off with the top coat.

  3. Yvonne says:

    Hi! I really love your swatches. They are perfection. Could you give some tips on how to apply the polish evenly, especially the light colors. I find that when applying color such as sleek white and sea foam, there are some patches throughout the nail where it’s not as opaque. Once two or three coats are applied, it still doesn’t look even. Your swatches are just so even. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you so much for sharing and keep up the awesome work!

  4. jenni says:

    OMG! thank you so very much for doing this! It is very helpful to see the actual color of the polish :)

  5. Alli says:

    Wow! This is great, thanks for working on this collection of swatches, very helpful :)

  6. Anna says:

    I wish I would have found your website a long time ago…I’ve bought some colors I haven’t really liked from Gelish because it’s so hard to tell what they will end up looking like! You’ve been so helpful with deciding which new colors to buy! Thanks so much!

  7. denise says:

    Found this really usefull and am now going to get some new colours. Do ypu useled or uv to cure? I have just brought led lightand love it!! Also you made comment to purchase from amazon, I am always wary of that asnot sure if getting genuine product. Ihave alo looked at sight called beverley beauty and ther price are so much more reasonable. What do you think … thanks ★

  8. Kim says:

    I was wondering is there a pink the closely resembles the pink from the pink in whites that people get? One that is sort of translucent yet still a strongly pink.

    I like my oink to be strong but not bubble gum pink when I do my freanch tips.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Melissa Jenkinson says:

    Love your site! Thanks for making it easier for me to choose colors I want to get for my clients.

  10. Kat Dinges says:

    Thanks for this! I love your swatches and now I need them all, haha. I added every single one to my Amazon Wish List, LOL! How long did it take you to collect this many?

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks, Kat! I’ve been collecting Gelish for about 2 years now. I’m hoping to have every color swatched by the end of the year :)

  11. I love this post because you put all the colors in one place so its easier to find your swatches!

  12. JKP says:

    Thanks sooooo much for posting all your hard work for us to reference! I noticed the Sleek White is named SHeek White by accident on this swatch page. Again, thanks for all your beautiful swatches.

  13. Lindsey says:

    The ones that are glittery and that are NOT under Shimmer/Glitter… Do they come out that glittery or do you have a colored base coat underneath? Also, how do you get your glitter polishes to come out so full of glitter? I just tried Silver Sand and got a quarter the amount of glitter you had in your picture and I used three coats. Any suggestions? Thanks! The pictures are so helpful to see what the colors actually look like!

  14. B says:

    Thank you so so much for taking the time to do all these swatches. Makes it so much easier to tell what a color is going to look like once on the nail. I love your site, the comparison swatches are my favorite!

  15. Kat says:

    Which white would you recommend the sheek white or arctic freeze?

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t have Artic Freeze yet to do a comparison. Sheek White is good, but takes 3 coats for full opacity on the full nail. Two coats for a french tip.

  16. Sarah says:

    Has anyone layered June bride over gossip girl? If so do you have pics :)

  17. Jo jeffrey says:

    I use your swatches a lot after learning that Gelish doesn’t always give you the colour you expect lol Do you know when the 2013 winter collection is coming out?

  18. Jo jeffrey says:

    Thank you

  19. Alicia says:

    Can’t wait until you compare these ones… I’m looking for a matte light brown (a little darker/browner than Medieval Madness), and I can’t figure out which one would work the best.

    Taupe Model
    Need a Tan
    After Party Espresso

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Alicia – I have all of those colors except Eur-So-Chic. I think that is only available in the UK. I will try to swatch these sooner than later. Thanks!

  20. Anisha Hamilton says:

    Hi Andrea, do gelish have a official aftercare sheet? If so how can I got hold of 1?

    Anisha. X

  21. Molly Leopold says:

    Thank you so much for this page! It is exactly what I was looking for!

  22. Julia says:

    Hi, I’m so glad that I have found your gelish swatches. The pics are very good so I could imagine the real color of the gelish. All colors I’ve bought were exatly like the colors on your pics. So I have done no bad buy(hope thats the right term).

    Thank you so much and greetings from Germany

  23. Glenda Hartland says:

    Thank You so much for the swatches, they are very helpful. You do beautiful work! Where do buy your mini gelish polish? I’m having a problem finding them. It seems that Amazon only has a few colors?

  24. Hope says:

    This is an excellent website for seeing a gel polish color before you make a mistake and buy something you do not like. There has to be a few others who have been disappointed with a color or two. The Gelish Soak Off colors do not match the color that is on the outside of the bottle or in their brochure. Here you can see what the colors actually looks like. Definitely will consult this page before spending another $12 to $15 on another gel polish.

  25. baby says:

    dear Andrea, I found your website and I think is fantastic, specially the SWATCH GALLERY!!
    I need a really red RED, and looking at your photos, i found LADY IN RED from Gelish. I bought it in Ebay and when I tried it, it doesn’t look like in your photo. It’s really darker! Are you sure the photo is correctly named?
    Sorry for my English, it’s not my language.
    Thank you sooo much!

  26. Julianne says:

    Hi Andrea, I have a question about your swatch sticks. I have searched and cannot find a total process for the sticks. Do you swatch underneath or on top of the tip and do you use both the base and top coat? Any info would be great thank you!

  27. Robin Warren says:

    Thanks so very much for sharing…this helps me a lot….well maybe…I want them all!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

  28. Samantha says:

    Hi.. Love your swatches :). Not sure if you’re familiar with OPI Russian navy? If so, could you say which gelish color is closest? Thx

  29. Jenny Sim says:

    It would be so great if you could do one swatch per colour like you’ve done for reds and purples as these print off great and I can just look at them to choose my next colour!

  30. Laura says:

    Your site is awesome! Thanks so much for the color swatches. My first time doing gelish and I’m hooked. Having so many choices and no realistic color swatches or guides has been so confusing. I love that you have broken down the polishes into color groups, makes it so much easier to view, compare, and make a choice! Thanks keep up the great work…I’ve got ya bookmarked!

  31. Tanya says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I’m looking to invest in a led and Gelish set of colours and was wondering whether your links to Amazon were all of genuine Gelish products as there seems to be so many fakes out there? Do you have a link to genuine Gelish Foundation and TIO through Amazon as some have coloured labels and others b&w so thinking the b&w might be fake? Thanks for your help and for creating your site, it’s fantastic!

  32. Felicia says:

    Just wondering if you know anything about the gel colors that change with temperature? A couple of friends have gone to a salon that has some gel colors that are affected by the temperature of their fingers.

  33. Laura Mitchell says:

    Hi Andrea, I wondered if you could tell me if ibd have a colour that is close to what Gelish ‘go girl’ SHOULD be ? (before it fades to peach!!!) My pink Gelish that does not fade are pink smoothie and light elegant. I have ibd peach blossom but have not tried it out yet, but i think pan-duh also looks lovely. Would appreciate your opinion :) Laura Mitchell (foxy nails by Laura Jane) xxx

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Laura. I’m not as familiar with the ibd line as I am Gelish. Peach Blossom is probably the closest that I’ve tried so far, though it’s a little darker.

      • Laura Mitchell says:

        Thanks Andrea, have applied ibd Peach Blossom to a client and will check in 2 weeks to see if it has any fading issues. NH UK assure me that the problems with Go Girl have been sorted. I have biten the bullet and ordered another bottle so we will see …… xxx PS LOVING the swatches of CND paradise collection ! I recently bought the paradise additives and they are amazing !!! xx

  34. Kayleigh says:

    Hi Andrea have you done swatches of the new just for you II collection? Thanks

  35. Andrea says:

    The two colors on there look like It’s a Lilly (the lighter one) and Tahiti Hottie.

  36. Erin says:

    I love the color #1337 but I’m not sure what the name is. I can’t find it anywhere. Do they discontinue colors? If so, do you know which, more recent color, would be equivalent?

  37. Jill says:

    Hi Andrea! A friend was recently telling me how much she loves Am I Making You Gelish. I looked it up on here (of course you’re my go to) and it looks great but I already have Water Field which seems similar. I have a glitter addiction so I feel like they may be different enough to “need” both but wanted a second opinion. Do they seem different in person? Thanks!

  38. Kathleen says:

    Hi Andrea – I LOVE your swatches! Thanks so much for making the color choosing process easier. I really want to order Doo Wop and One Cruisin the Boulevard, are those not available yet? Also, I’m currently using OPI top and base coat but with Gelish colors, do you find that they work better with Gelish base & top coats, or does it not matter? Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      Those colors are limited edition colors that can only be purchased at the CosmoProf stores. I mix and match brands all the time and don’t think it matters too much. Obviously the polishes are formulated to work best with the same brand base and top though.

    • Becky says:

      I just bought Doo Wop at elegantnailsupply.com

  39. Molly says:

    This might be a stupid question but how come some colors are much shinier than others? I use your swatches to determine which colors of Gelish I’m going to buy and I prefer my gel nails to be shiny.

    • Andrea says:

      They’re all shiny, but some appear more dull because of my lightbox filtering. I just recently adjusted my lighting setup so that the photos show more of the shiny glare.

  40. Anna says:

    I’m looking for a glitter topper that is strictly silver glitter…with no holographic. Is Emerald Dust just silver glitter or does it have holographic in it too? Thanks so much!

  41. natasha says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Did you have any problems with applying lime all the time?

    I found this exstreamly thick and the application process was not easy.


  42. Lix says:

    I love your blog , it’s amazing and I love Gelish.
    I use Gelish Structure Gel after the color, before Top it off. My nail polish stay perfect for 3 weeks!! :)) What do you think?

  43. Brooke says:

    I mostly have gelish products and am wanting to use a few of my trends collection over white or black gel poliss. Unfortunately my gel polishes that are both white and black are shellac. Can I put gelish over shellac? If so what base and top coat should I use?

    • Chantal says:

      Yes you can, I have been using this method for years now.. Never had a problem, just use your gelish base and top it off

  44. ann says:

    when comes the new trends collection fall 2014
    november i think?
    are they covering???

  45. Lisa S. says:

    Hi Andrea, I just wanted to say that your nail blog is my favorite and I have looked at dozens recently. I refer to your posts almost daily. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do for others.

  46. C says:

    Do you know a color that is close to Gelish Less Talk (another brand?) I can’t find that color anywhere! Thanks so much!

  47. Julie says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks so much for keeping your website up to date and your swatches are so helpful! I’m looking for a grey for the fall and read negative reviews on Cashmere Kind of Gal and Let’s Hit The Bunny Slopes because of shrinking/wrinkle issues. Have you experience this too and does Clean Slate do this too? Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      I had some wrinkling with Cashmere, but I thinned it out with gel polish thinner and then it applied fine. I didn’t experience problems with the other two, but I have learned to always apply thin coats.

  48. Natasja says:

    Hi Andrea! I was wondering if you might have any recommendations of international sellers on Amazon? None of the ones you linked seems to sell international :( Thanks!

  49. shira says:

    can I use my opi base&top (gel) with the gelish colors?

  50. Renee says:

    How many coats did it take you for party girl problems ? I ended putting a pink color underneath then doing 2 coats of this to get it to cover the nail :)

  51. Alexandria says:

    I love your website!! The swatches are so helpful, I’m just starting to build my gelish collection and want to be 100% sure I know what I’m getting since I can’t afford them all at once :D Thank you!

  52. Ana says:

    My white gel is getting sort of a yellowish after one week and it’s pretty noticeable. Any advice how to avoid this? As a usually wear gel ones for two weeks, but it two weeks it’s soooo yellowish!

    • Andrea says:

      It could be exposure to sun, lotions, tanning lotions or oils, hair color, etc. It’s most likely a chemical reaction to some product that you’re using.

  53. Charlotte Daysh-barbour says:

    Hi Andrea, do you have swatches of the new gelish oh la la colours yet? I never buy before you try ;)

  54. tawney says:

    I love this website! I refer all my gelish friends to check this out before deciding on colors! With the gelish system base and top coat I have tried other gel polish brands. In your opinion what gel polish brands are most similar to gelish in that it stays on forever, doesn’t chip, and is still flexible like a natural nail and works with gelish top and base coat?? I used one brand that basically turned to cement haha. Thanks in advance and I will continue to check out your site!!

  55. Shar says:

    Question regarding the Gelish reds… which is brighter and juicier – more of a summer red – Hot Rod Red or Red Roses? I can’t decide based on swatches because they either look the same, or one looks darker than the other. I love the look of your swatches Reddy for the Festival and Cruisin the Boulevard, but they are not available for purchase anywhere that I know of. Could up please recommend a red? Thanks!
    PS. I have also love the look of the OPI Coca cola red swatches in gelcolor, but prefer Gelish because I have the whole Gelish system and love the product.

    • Andrea says:

      They’re almost identical. Red-y For the Festival is probably the brightest and has the best coverage. It’s limited edition though so not sure if it’s still being sold.

  56. Emilie says:

    Hi I am actually looking for a white with a hint of pink.
    Do you think Gelish has it?
    Thanks xx

    • kayleigh says:

      ‘your so sweet you’re giving me toothache’ is the closest you will get it does go on pale pink but it fades rather quickly to look like a pinky white, other than that put a drop of pink in some white yourself x

    • Andrea says:

      No they don’t. Try ibd Just Gel Polish I’m No Damsel. :)

    • Chantal says:

      You could consider mixing sheek white or arctic freeze with pink smoothie? You can decide how pale you want your color to be..

  57. Emma says:

    Hi Andrea. I have got loads of gelish colours now thanks to your great swatches. I was wondering whether you have any tips on stopping the free edge from lifting. My manicures seem to only last 2 weeks if I’m lucky. I follow all directions and am careful not to pick. How long does gelish last on you?

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t typically wear one color for too long any more since I’m constantly changing my polish for blogging purposes. I sometimes keep polish on my right hand for 1-2 weeks. Gelish is the longest lasting on me. If you have issues with lifting you can use a primer in the areas where lifting occurs.

  58. Chelle says:

    I’ve looked at many of the glitter toppers available at Sally Beauty in the mini bottles and in almost all of them the clear base seems to be an icky yellow color. I though maybe it was just certain colors, like the more gold/champagne colored glitters but it seemed to be that color in pretty much all of the glitters. Has anyone else noticed this or know if they’re supposed to be that yellowish color? Or are they maybe old bottles? I usually buy my Gelish in the full size bottles from Amazon and haven’t gotten any glitters yet so I don’t have any to compare with.

  59. Leigh baker says:

    hi ya wondering if u can help I use cnd shellac but am considering to start using gelish lovr there colours especially there glitter polishes can u please tell me the glitter polish like party girl problems an ones like that do they go straight on without colour or do u av to put a colour coat on Aswell as av had this problem before an I’m looking for some glitter colours that just go straight on that are real glittery an bright thank u hope that makes sense x x

    • Chantal says:

      Hi maybe you could use this advice. After putting on base coat, use 1 layer of simpler sheer or sweet dream. After that 2 layers of the glitter polish of your choice and top it off with 1 coat. The glitter will be easier to soak off this way

  60. Amanda says:

    been coming to this site for a few years and it’s always very helpful- thank you so much!

  61. James McGrath says:

    OMG I have just clicked the link to see on Amazon and I can not believe the price compared to what we pay in the U.K £24.99 about $38 !!!!!!!

  62. tawney says:

    Do the Gellac work with gelish base and top coat??

  63. tawney says:

    Thank you so much for replying ! The second the pink nude Beige is available gain I must have it!! Is it pretty similar to gelish? I’ve used the gelish brand for 5 yrs now but the pink Gellac brand has much better neutral colors!

  64. Chantal says:

    Thank you for adding the swatches of the new botanical awakenings collection, will the kung fu panda collection be added to your full swatch gallery too?

    • Andrea says:

      I didn’t realize I left them off! Thanks for keeping me on my toes LOL. I’ll add them as soon as I can.

      • Chantal says:

        Ok thanks! Sorry to bother you again, but there is another collection that i am missing in your Gallery, which is the hello pretty! collection of 2015

      • Chantal says:

        And I am looking forward to the new collection too :p streetbeat 2016 ;) A sunflower yellow/orange, never seen that kind of color in a gelish line before.. Have you got more information of date of release? Thanks!

  65. Hari says:

    Amazon UK are selling something called vishine at the moment. Looks like total gelish Rip off in terms of look of the product. Dirt cheap but you get what you pay for (i.e. cheap looking colours of cheaper quality) however they do a thermal colour changing one which is a bizarre and quite amazing product. Doesn’t quite do the ombre look intended unless nails v long and hands are warm but still is something to see. Any thoughts? Ps love your site. Thanks.

    • Andrea says:

      I haven’t heard of it, but I recommend avoiding knock-off brands. There are many name brands with thermal color changing polishes such as LeChat, Madam Glam, DIY Hard Nails, Bundle Monster, etc.

  66. Robi says:

    Hi. Do u know your photo used on ebay? Are you working with this seller inspired*by*colour? Is he selling original gelish?

  67. Laura says:

    Are you planning on doing the swatches for the new Gelish Wrapped in Glamour line?

  68. Anna says:

    Hi Andrea, this page is so incredibly helpful and I really appreciate the work that went into it! I have switched almost completely to doing my own gel manis and I absolutely love it and have been having no trouble at all choosing bolder colors thanks to your swatches. But my favorite neutral is Zoya Madison. Can you recommend the closest color in the Gelish line? Thanks in advance!

  69. Kari says:

    Where do you purchase your gelish products? Lovely pictures, btw! Thanks.

  70. Chantal says:

    Hello Andrea, did you stop using gelish, since there are not much swatches this year. At least not in the full gallery. Or should I look somewhere else?