MelodySusie 48 Watt LED Nail Lamp Review

MelodySusie 48 watt LED nail lamp

MelodySusie has a new 48 watt LED nail lamp that I’ve been testing out for a couple of weeks.  It’s their most powerful lamp yet, and has some really nice features.  I conducted a full video review that you can watch below.  I demonstrated how it works and touched on the most important features.  Here are some of the highlights about this lamp.

  • Two color options:  Available in red and black.
  • Portable:  It’s light enough to easily move around, but a bit on the large/heavy side for travel purposes.
  • Motion sensor:  It automatically turns on when you slide your hand into the lamp, and will turn off if you pull your hand out.  If your hand is left in the lamp it will beep and turn off once the time has ended.
  • Three timer settings:  5 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds.
  • Removable bottom cover:  The bottom is magnetic and can easily be removed for cleaning or for use on feet.
  • Warranty:  6 month manufacturer warranty.
  • Affordable:  The price is reasonable for this high-powered lamp, at $129.99.

This lamp is comparable to the Gelish 18G lamp in my opinion.  It has great curing power and almost all of the bells & whistles except for the little sliding front cover.  If you want a professional quality lamp at a reasonable price, this is a good buy.

Chickettes readers can save an additional $10 on the purchase price of this lamp for 3 days only!  Buy it from before midnight PDT on 7/18/15 using coupon code CNE6B3ZZ to take advantage of this offer.  Go to the Amazon listing »


P.S. I recorded this video wearing a headset. I’m curious to know if you think the sound quality is better than previous videos?? :)

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30 Responses

  1. Bunny says:

    Hi Andrea, I love your Facebook posts from Cosmoprof! You must be having a ball there.

    Do you know for how many hours this lamp is rated? The 18G is rated for more than 50,000 hours, whereas the smaller Melodie Susie is only rated for 5000 hours. Although the lower rating is fine for home users, it could be a problem for use in a salon setting.


  2. Melissa says:

    Would you reccomend this or their 24watt lamp?

  3. Natalie says:

    If you were going to buy a new light, would you buy the MS or the gelish?

  4. Karla says:

    does the 24watt work, it’s a lot cheaper than this one?


  5. Joan says:

    Thank you for the review and demonstration. I am considering purchasing this. Does this product need a plug adaptor for use in the U.S. ? Thank you again for all of the great information!

  6. Dedy says:

    Hi Andrea,

    For one coat of polish, do u cure it for only 5seconds?


    • Andrea says:

      It depends on what you’re curing. Most gel polishes require 30-60 seconds per coat.

      • Dedy says:

        Hi Andrea,

        Even with 48watts, for one layer of gel Polish, it should be 30 sec? What is the recommended use for the 5 sec timer ?

        On the site it said 5 seconds to cure one coat so I’m a bit confused.

        Cheers love your site!

        • Andrea says:

          Follow the instructions for the brand of polish that you’re using. The only thing I know of that cures in 5 seconds is the Gelish base coat.

  7. Snigdha Das says:

    Hi! I was considering purchasing this on Amazon. How long should I be curing with it. Right now I have a sensationail lamp and I do 30 seconds for the Sensationail Easy Peel basecoat, 1 minute per sensationail color or China Gelaze color coat (I usually do 3 coats of color), and 30 seconds for the sensationail clear topcoat/basecoat (I stopped putting the easy peal as a topcoat because it was dull). Is there a problem if you “overcure?”

    • Snigdha Das says:

      Sorry I guess you already answered my question. I guess my next question is what is the point of the higher wattage if the cure time is the same? Also is there a problem if you “overcure?”

      • Andrea says:

        Curing times depend on the brand that you use. I have found that lower powered lamps don’t always cure the polish completely when curing for the recommended amount of time, and darker colors take longer. Over curing can cause cracking.

  8. Melba says:

    Hi Andrea! I’ve recently decided to start doing my own nails (thanks to you) and I could really use your help! Assuming budget isn’t an issue, which lamp you would recommend between this one and the Gelish 18W. I will only be using the lamp for personal use, and I eventually want to get into nail art as well. I really appreciate any advice you can give me… btw I am obsessed with your site! xo

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Melba – both lamps cure great and work well for at-home use. It depends on what features you want. I like the motion sensor, sliding door, and reflective removable bottom on the Gelish 18G lamp, but that lamp is also a little more bulky and heavy (and expensive).

  9. Diana says:

    Dear Andrea,
    at first, thanks a lot for your blog – tons of useful info!
    I am about to start doing my own nails and stand in front of chosing the led lamp. on our german amazon we have melodysusie to acceptable prices. My choice would be between 48w and the pro60w (which you mentioned in your latest posting about organization of your work place at polizhed). My question is why you prefered the pro60w over 48w. Only because it is also a UV lamp? are there UV only curable polishes nowdays? I know you promised a review soon. sorry for being impatient.
    thank you so much for your time!
    kind regards, diana

    • Andrea says:

      I had that lamp at the shop because I was testing it out for my review. :) I like that it has a handle on top and I can easily move it around. Both lamps are great and for at-home use you can’t go wrong with either one. Most polishes are LED curable, I only have a few older Shellacs that are UV only.

  10. Steph says:

    Hi Andrea, you said that choosing the 18g lamp vs melodysuzie depends on what you want. But I’m not sure what the differences are between the two if both cure the same. Please help! Really want to buy a LED lamp for myself to do my nails at home.

    • Steph says:

      Oh also, I’m not sure how to tell if shellac is LED cureable or only UV cureable … I bought it about a year and a half ago

    • Andrea says:

      Read (or watch) about the different features – timer settings, sensors, location of the buttons, etc. Both lamps will cure your nails about the same, it’s a matter of preference regarding the other aesthetics. I don’t ever tell people which lamp to choose because it depends on your budget and personal preferences.

  11. Steph says:

    So just fyi – i ended up buying this lamp and it came damaged. two of the legs were missing, and the inside lights were flickering on and off. also, i noticed when i used the lamp, that it was making the colours look more “matte” than glossy… like if i did one hand in my shellac lamp vs one hand in my gelish lamp, the gelish ones looked way more matte. i ended up returning it. And I decided i’d rather go for the gelish 18g. ordered one from amazon. waiting for that to come. hoping it doesn’t come damaged.

    • Steph says:

      sorry – i meant melodiesuzy lamp was making the colours more matte. i haven’t received the gelish 18g yet.

  12. Sharon Cruz says:

    Hi Andrea. I’ve been meaning to let you know that I ordered this lamp from Amazon recently, based on your review. I absolutely love it. It cured lightning fast. I was using the smallest of the Melody Susie lamps up to now, which worked great, but I was curing about double the time suggested on the gel polish bottles, and doing thumbs separately. So this is amazing to cure the whole had at once, and it literally takes the shortest time possible. I’m wearing Gelish’s new spring shade, Primrose and Proper – 5 sec base, 30 sec for each of 2 coats, 30 sec top coat – it looks like new after a week of heavy duty housework. Thanks for recommending this lamp, as the brand name ones of this power are way out of my price range.