Trending at Cosmoprof NA: Acrylic Dip/Pour Systems

I had the pleasure of attending the Cosmoprof North America trade show again this year, and spent a little time scouting out some trends and new products.  One of the first things I noticed is that acrylic dip systems seem to be gaining in popularity.  If you’re not familiar, these systems offer a method of applying a thin acrylic overlay on natural nails with ease.

Most of the systems that I’ve seen use a resin base and an activator, but there are also some that use gel.  The basic concept is that you apply the base and then dip the nail into the acrylic powder, or pour the powder over the base (I personally prefer pouring for sanitation reasons).  Two to three coats of the base & colored powder create a natural appearance of polished nails, but with lots of added strength!

Some of the benefits to using an acrylic dip/pour system are:

  • Strength!  (stronger than gel polish, but not quite as strong as sculpted acrylic)
  • Odorless
  • Durability
  • Easy soak-off removal
  • No UV/LED lamp needed (for the resin-based systems)
  • Easy, flawless French tips

Revel Nail dip powders were the first that I ever tried.  You can read my write-up here.  I stopped by the Revel booth to see what they were up to and was pleasantly surprised to see that they’ve come out with lots of new colors!  They have a full line of regular colors, and then two color-changing lines for a total of 249 colors.  The Mood Changing dip powders change color with temperature.  They are soon releasing 24 new Mood colors…

dip-revel-mood… and 24 Sun Colors.  These are solar color-changing powders that change color when exposed to UV light (the sun or your UV/LED lamp).  I received samples of these colors and applied one of the Sun Colors on my daughter – so much fun!  The color changes very rapidly once exposed to sunlight, and again when removed from the light.

Revel’s dip powders are sold in 1 oz and 2 oz jars – a little goes a long way!

dip-revel-sunKiara Sky debuted their new dip system that will soon hit the market.  Below is a photo of the starter kit which contains all of the liquids required for the different steps in the application process and some basic acrylic powder colors to create natural and French manicures.  They also had a display that showed all of the colors, but I wasn’t able to get close enough for a photo.  The exciting thing about their line is that all 120 colors match their gel polish and lacquer lines!

dip-kiara-skyGlam and Glits (sister company of Kiara Sky) also had a display with 48 Mood Effect color-changing acrylic powders.  G&G has been selling colored acrylic powders for a while, but they recently launched several new colors.  To my knowledge G&G doesn’t offer the liquids for the dip/pour method, just the powders.

dip-glam-and-glitsIn the LeChat booth I learned about Gelee, which is the original gel-based system.  Gelee has been around for a long time as a strengthening system that’s typically worn under color. Essentially it’s what many of us have dubbed “acrygel” and is a technique that involves blending acrylic powder with gel for extra strength.  They are now expanding the line to include colored acrylic powders (72 standard colors & 12 mood colors).

dip-gelee-2Below is a peek at the 12 new Gelee 3in1 Mood Color Powder.

dip-geleeCuccio is launching their Powder Polish Nail Colour Dip System with 50 shades upon launch, and another 36 to come soon after.  This is also a resin-based system.

dip-cuccioYoung Nails SlickPour is a system that promotes pouring rather than dipping for sanitation reasons, though you can choose to do this with any of the brands.  As I mentioned, pouring is also my preferred method.  The only downside is that you do waste a little product, but Young Nails says to use a little cup to capture the powder that falls so that you can re-use it during the same service (discard afterward).  I didn’t have time to stop by the Young Nails booth at Cosmoprof, but I took this photo at a different trade show earlier in the year.  I figured they were definitely worth a mention.

dip-young-nails-slick-pourCacee is extending their Memoir acrylic line to include pots of colored acrylic powder.  The person that I spoke with at the booth said that they don’t yet have liquids for a dipping system but that the powders could be used with monomer, resin or gel.

dip-cacee-memoirI will have more to share with you from the show soon including gel polish collections and some other trends.



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7 Responses

  1. Sharon Cruz says:

    Hi Andrea. Will you be doing some swatches of these? I have seen a lot of women with sheer nails lately, in different colours. I would love to see how to achieve sheer lavender nails. Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      I probably won’t be doing traditional swatches since my time is limited, but follow my IG account as I will post pictures of clients nails featuring various colors. :)

  2. Natalie says:

    I haven’t seen this before and am super curious! Do show us how they work! Is there a top coat?

  3. Sarah says:

    We know you’received super busy with your business, yet your nail blog is one of the best ones out there. Please, please, please come back. One post a month would suffice for us Chickettes junkies out here.

  4. Does anyone have experience mixing for example, revel powders with the Kiara sky liquids?

    • Dana says:

      I would love to know the answer to this question as well. Did you ever find out if you could mix the brands?