Cosmprof Discovery: ittsē Makeup Palettes

ittse makeup paletteHey everyone!  I want to share one of the exciting non-nail discoveries that I made at the Cosmoprof trade show this year.  I stopped by the ittsē booth with a couple of other bloggers to learn about their makeup line and palettes.  They have these cute and functional magnetic makeup palettes that hold and organize your makeup collection.  The Palettes are made of vegan leather, are portable and durable, and come in three different colors… white, grey and black iris.

I took this palette with me on my trip to Europe and it was extremely handy. As you can see, the palette has a large mirror and it neatly holds the eye shadows and blushes.  The palette has a strong magnetic closure and didn’t once open up while packed away in my luggage, and the shadows and blush all withstood the jostling of my suitcase as I traveled from city to city.

The ittsē palettes are available on their website for just $21.99, and you can buy the makeup pans to fill the palette individually, in collections, or in quads.  The colors that I have here are mostly from the soft & sultry collection.  The brown shadow in the top middle is called Mocha and I swapped it out for another color in the collection.  The collection consists of 9 eye shadows, a cheek color and a mattifying powder, and sells for $79.99.

The products are packaged really nicely, and ittsē has the cutest darn website!  Below are photos of the front and back of the palette packaging.

ittse makeup paletteittse makeup paletteThis is the outside of the palette.  It’s clean, stylish, and very well made.

ittse makeup palette
Below is an example of the packaging of the individual makeup refills.  These are seriously the most pigmented and easy to apply powders I’ve ever used.  I’m not a makeup blogger and don’t even know what words to use to describe makeup, but I seriously love the ittsē powders.  They apply like butter and just glide right on.  I don’t end up with eye shadow all over my face, and it doesn’t take any effort to get the coverage that I want.

ittse powder refill

Hop on over to the ittsē website and check them out!

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  1. Roxanne says:

    Inglot also does pallletes like this. They’re so customisable! Z palettes are another one that are similar but I don’t think they do the makeup, just the magnetic pallette.