Summer Gel Polish Designs at Chickettes Studio

I spend most of my days in the nail studio creating nail art looks for my clients, so today I’m going to share some of the designs and colors that are trending in the studio this Summer.  Of course bright colors are in – the brighter the better!  We’re having a little fun with the new chrome craze, and I’ve been practicing my freehand art skills in addition to stamping.  And who doesn’t love a little glitter (or a lot!)?

The photo below is from a session that I had with three ladies that are dear to my heart – a good friend from my high school days, and her mom and daughter.  Her mom doesn’t normally do her nails and she wanted to do something simple and pretty, so I selected a cheery coral shade for her (Shellac Tropix).  My friend and her daughter came prepared with nail art ideas that they found on Pinterest and we put our own little twists on them.  Shelly chose a soft lilac shade (LeChat Castaway) with a freehand daisy and a purple glitter nail.  And her daughter chose a soft pink (LeChat Pink Lady) and black design with some polka dots and hearts.  It was a fun evening, complete with a pizza delivery!

trioThis look combines bright colors with chrome, and shimmery dots.  The neon peachy-pink shade is LeChat Sunkissed, which has been very popular.  Two of the nails were polish black and have a chrome finish using Social Claws’ Chromageddon powder.  And the two white nails have fun, random dots that were created using pigment powders and gel top coat.  I have a video about this technique here.

chrome-dotsThis client also came to me with a nail art look that she found on Pinterest – the general concept was a bright floral pattern on a black background.  She really wanted this design for her vacation so I made it happen.  I painted the flowers over gel polish with acrylic paints and double top-coated with gel.

freehand-floral-2This client requested a soft floral pattern over a dark navy background (Pink Gellac Night Blue).  The roses were done freehand using acrylic paints that I custom blended to achieve the desired colors.

freehand-floral-3Yellow has been a hot color this season too – this is LeChat Golden Boy-friend.  The accent finger has a marble effect that was done with Sharpie markers, and then it was topped off with a fun glitter gel polish called LeChat Neontopia.  The end result was a bright graffiti look!

sharpie-marbleSticking with the neon theme, this is a look that I created using the new Pink Gellac Butterfly Collection.  The coral-leaning orange shade is called Neon Flirt, and it has also been a popular shade for the season.  For the accent nails I swiped on some of the other colors from the collection and created some dots and triangles using a black gel paint.

neonsI just did this stamped mermaid design this week and it’s definitely a favorite of mine.  Bright teals have also been very popular, especially this shade from TruGel called Teal the Beat.  On the accent nails I swiped on a couple of glittery shades from the LeChat line (Showstopper & Seduction), and then stamped on some mermaid/fish scales.  The end result is super cute!

mermaid-2Nudes have also been popular, especially for weddings.  This cute nude & gold design features Pink Gellac Nude Beige (my most popular nude) and Madam Glam Stardust (my most popular gold glitter).  The accent nail is stamped with a soft floral pattern from an Uber Chic Beauty stamping plate.

gold-stamp2This is another favorite color from the Pink Gellac Butterfly Collection called Blazin Purple.  I know it looks a little pink in the pic, but it’s a bright purple with little blue glitter flecks.  The accent nail has a few bright colors swiped on over white, and then I stamped a geometric pattern over top using an Uber Chic Beauty stamping plate.  This is a technique that I use a lot.  :)

stamping-11Those are just a few of the looks I’ve created – check out my IG or FB pages to see more!


8 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Andrea, I follow you on IG and just LOVE your work – I really like seeing your work all in one post too. :-) I’m curious as to exactly what you’re doing when you say “swiped”. Are you actually just dabbing/swiping the colors here and there over the base AFTER it’s cured?

  2. Sharon Cruz says:

    So beautiful! I love the grandma, mother, daughter trio! So appropriate for the different age groups. You ladies must have had so much fun. Wish I could bring my mom and 2 daughters! But we live on the west coast of Canada, a bit far for manis! LOL
    Love your blog. I get lots of good ideas from your swatches and reviews. Thanks so much.

  3. shan says:

    Hi Andrea, I’ve been following your blog for a long time and love it.
    I nominated you for the 3 day Quote Challenge. If you would rather not that is fine I just personally love all your blog and thought others would as well! You do not have to feel pressured to do this though. I’m new to blogging and thought this would be fun to find new blogs to check out.

  4. Karen says:

    I love all your designs and colors. I am wanted to invest in a gelish lamp. I was reading reviews of them on amazon and some said they had problems with the lamp were not able to get a refund or have gelish fix the lamp. Just wondering if amazon is where you purchased yours or if you had bought it directly from gelish as reviews said gelish would not hold to the warranty if the lamp was sold by a third party. Thank you for your time.

    • Andrea says:

      I did buy mine off of Amazon and luckily didn’t have any issues. I have heard from others that Gelish wouldn’t abide by the warranty for lamps that were purchased from Amazon. To be on the safe side you can try to contact them for a list of approved distributors.

  5. Chelsea says:

    I SO wish you were significantly closer to me! I’ve been following your blog for years, and am getting married next month. I’m struggling with what to do with my nails, and know you would come up with an amazing design.

    • Andrea says:

      I always advise my clients to go with something simple and classic for their wedding nails. :) Don’t do anything too trendy because when you look at the photos 10-20 years from now you may shake your head. LOL LeChat Beauty Bride to Be has been the most popular color for my brides. Good luck, and congratulations!