The Shiniest Gel Top Coat Ever?! Pink Gellac Ultra Shine, Base2 & Color Comparisons

Pink Gellac Base & Top Coats

Hi Everyone! I now have the Pink Gellac gel base & top coats in stock at the Chickettes Boutique! These products have some characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd, so I thought it would be worth a post to highlight the differences.

Base2 Growth Treatment Formula

Pink Gellac’s new gel base coat called Base2, is a vitamin-infused base! Base2 ensures optimum adhesion of your gel polish for long-lasting results. This base coat contains vitamin E, B5 and calcium to stimulate the growth of your natural nails. Base2 also prevents discoloration and staining of your nails. Buy it here!


Ultra Shine Top Coat

Pink Gellac Ultra Shine top coat is hands down the shiniest gel top coat I have ever seen or used.  It’s a no-wipe top coat, which means there is no tacky residue to clean off at the end of your manicure.  Ultra Shine cures to a perfect high-gloss shine in 60 seconds in an LED lamp, or 120 seconds with a UV lamp.  It does take a little longer to cure than your average top coat, but the shine is well worth the extra few seconds of time.  (Edit:  The recommended curing time is based on a 36 watt lamp, so lower powered lamps will take longer to cure completely.  Curing times could be as much as 120 seconds depending on the wattage of your lamp.)

I had to demonstrate the shine of this top coat so that you can see what I’m talking about.  I prepared some swatch sticks with a black base, and topped each off with some of the various top coat brands that I have on hand.  The photo below shows them all side-by-side after wiping the tacky layer off of the ones that required it.  In this picture I didn’t wipe the Pink Gellac Ultra Shine or the Bio Seaweed Gel No-Wipe top coat since they don’t require it.  You can see that the two no-wipe top coats are visibly shinier than the rest.

Pink Gellac Ultra Shine Top Coat ComparisonBut most people moisturize after doing their gel manicure, so it’s possible that you might moisturize and wipe them off anyway, right?  So after taking the photo above I actually did wipe the two no-wipe top coats with alcohol just to be fair.  Here is a comparison of the two no-wipe top coats after doing this.  They’re both extremely shiny, but Pink Gellac Ultra Shine still wins.  At the bottom of the swatch sticks you can even see the reflection of my head and camera when you zoom in real close.

Pink Gellac Ultra Shine Top Coat Comparison

Gelish TIO has always been my go-to top coat until I started using Pink Gellac, so I had to do a side-by-side comparison of these as well.  Gelish is pretty darn shiny, but the Ultra Shine is even shinier!

Pink Gellac Ultra Shine Top Coat Comparison

The ONLY potential downside that I can think of to a no-wipe top coat is that you can’t burnish glitter or pigment powders into it since it doesn’t have a tacky layer.  But you can still add your glitter or pigments to the color layer, and then use the no-wipe top coat over it.  If you want the best shine, this is it!  Buy it here!

Ultra Shine PEARL Top Coat

I also have the new Pink Gellac Ultra Shine PEARL top coat in stock! This top coat has all of the same great qualities as the regular Ultra Shine, but it also adds a pearl shimmer effect to any color that you use it over. Now you can turn any cream shade into a pearl, just by adding this top coat.  Buy it here!

Pink Gellac Ultra Shine PEARL Top Coat Comparison(The base colors in the examples above are Pink Gellac #133 Fuschia Red and #118 Lavender Purple.  I don’t have these colors, but they can be found at

Color Comparisons

Some of you have asked me how Pink Gellac Velvet Purple and Emerald Green compare to some of the other colors in my collection, so I took a few comparison pictures for you.  Below is a shot of the purples – you can click on this image to view it in a larger format.  Velvet Purple has a slightly bluer tone than most of the dark Gelish purples, and it has some depth with the blue and purple flecks.

Pink Gellac Velvet Purple Top Coat ComparisonHere is Pink Gellac Emerald Green next to some similar shades.  Emerald Green has more of a frosty metallic finish than the others.  It’s a teal-leaning green, but isn’t quite as dark as Race You to the Bottom.

Pink Gellac Emerald Green Top Coat ComparisonPink Gellac is a high-quality European brand of soak-off gel polish.  These products can be purchased exclusively in the US & Canada at the Chickettes Boutique.  Purchase the base & top coats together in a set and save!  And get free shipping within the US on all orders over $65!  Global shipping is also available.

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90 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Andrea! How do they soak off?
    Does the gel flake off in larger pieces or not?
    I’m sure the base coat is fab but since the nails are layers of dead keratin I really don’t think the vitamins would have any effect on them externally. It’s also proven that calcium has no benefit to nails. Nails are not bones and they don’t benefit from calcium the same way. Either way, applying calcium on the legs will not make your bones stronger.
    I sometimes raise my eyebrows when I see manufacturers products that way. It always makes me doubt in the product. Because if the product was good, it wouldn’t need these questionable claims to sell.
    I’m not trying to bash your product because I’m sure it’s excellent and I’m planning on buying it, just saying :)

  2. Sunnary says:

    Andrea -Thank you so much for all your very helpful insight. I always end up buying what you recommend! If using both your pink gellac base AND ultra shine top coat, can I still mix with with other brand polishes such as Gelish as the main polish color? Also, approximately how long is the soak off time (compared to Gelish)? Thank you.

  3. Dawn says:

    Is it okay to use a no-wipe top coat with any brand of LED cured gel polish? Also, what is the cure time for the base coat?

    I’m new to gel polish – I’m still wearing my first gel manicure! I feel like I have a lot to learn, and have appreciated the tips on your website!

    • Andrea says:

      Yes, you can use it over other brands of color. The base coat cures in 30 seconds. Welcome to the world of gel manis! You’ll never go back to regular nail polish again :)

  4. Tracy says:

    If you use this top coat over glitter (which usually needs 2 coats) will it work, since it doesn’t have a sticky layer? Or should you use a regular top coat then this one as the final top coat?

  5. Tracy says:

    Also, do you still need to buff the top layer before removal?

  6. Anne says:

    Yea! I am glad these are in; I am really looking forward to trying the ultra top coat. I got two of your colors and can’t wait to see you get some of their other colors in.

  7. Ala says:

    Hi Andrea!
    I am of Polish, I want to buy this magical top Ultra Shine Top Coat. How to do it?

  8. Ala says:

    very very thank you :)

  9. Stacie says:

    Hi Andrea! Love the effect you get with the Pearl version of the Ultra Shine top coat. I am curious if this affect lightens the color of the polish under it? The colors in your photos appear lighter in the ones that have this top coat on them. Thanks!

  10. Anne says:

    Today, I got to use Ultra Shine and it is fabulous. I put it over Very Berry Holidays (wines and cranberries will be my theme for November) and it is so shiny. After 120 seconds, it still seemed tacky to me and so I did an additional 60 seconds on each hand. When using very dark colors, I have found that I often have to cure longer on the top coat. This is a great addition to my stash; thanks Andrea!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Anne! In lower powered lamps or over darker colors it can take a little longer to cure. Just keep curing until it no longer feels tacky and you’ll have long lasting shine! :)

  11. Hi Andrea, I purchased this set and loved how it went on. However it did take longer to cure. I have a low powered lamp. Also I think I did something wrong because the next day after washing dishes, they all came off! Is there something I should be doing before I put on the base coat? I buffed and used nail polish remover. Thanks.

    • Andrea says:

      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. I have been finding that these polishes take longer to cure in the lower powered lamps (mostly the 6 watt mini lamps). I wonder if the base didn’t get a complete cure because it definitely shouldn’t come off like that. I would cleanse with alcohol before applying the base coat, and perhaps try using a primer if lifting is typically a problem. Also try double curing the base if you have a lower powered lamp to ensure that it cures all the way. Let me know how it goes. Thank you.

  12. Kathryn says:

    Just ordered the base and top coat! I can’t wait to try them both! The no wipe, is actually one thing I am looking forward to the most. How is the consistency of this gel versus the gelish brand? I prefer a thicker consistency for the top coat so it doesn’t run, and I’m hoping this fits the bill!

  13. Ala says:

    Andrea , have you seen the new collection Gelish The Big Chill ?

  14. Ala says:

    Andrea , with us now is [removed link].

  15. Ala says:

    Andrea , przepraszam za link

  16. Shauni Debo says:

    Hi Andrea

    I also bought the ultrashine top coat, but after curing for 120 second in my Gelish 18g lamp, it still feels tacky to me. Is there anything I can do to change this ?

    Thank you very much !

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Shauni. In the 18G it should only take 60 seconds to cure if it’s applied in a reasonably thin layer. If it’s too thick it can take longer. Does the top coat stay shiny or does it look dull? If it dulls, it didn’t get a complete cure. I would try applying the top coat in a thinner layer to see if that helps.

  17. Shauni Debo says:

    Hi Andrea

    I may indeed put it on a bit too thick. I’ll try putting on thinner coats.
    Thanks !

  18. Kathryn says:

    I did receive my top and base coat, and I love the consistency of both. Like 3 other people before me, the topcoat did take much longer to cure than expected. I have a 12 watt, and it took 90 seconds.

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ve been told that the recommended Pink Gellac recommended curing times are based on a 36 watt lamp, so the lower powered lamps will take longer to cure completely.

      • Kathryn says:

        That makes more sense, because I figured everyone having the same result cannot be simply be messing it up lol. I still love the product but I highly suggest updating the suggesting drying time information on your review, because if you touch the top coat and it still is a little tacky, I have noticed that even after curing the rest of the way, the shine is noticeably duller on the one that I touched to check. Probably the skin oils that mess with it.

        I have found that the curing time of the base to be just a little longer than 60 seconds…. So probably like 70, but considering my lamp doesn’t do 10 second intervals, I just do 90.
        The top coat, which I have become rediculously paranoid about checking too soon because of what I mentioned above, I do 120 seconds to be safe, and really focus on rotating my nails under the light a bit to make sure I have everything! I always end up having a problem with my thumb nail and pinky nail if I don’t specifically make sure Im rotating them to get as much DIRECT bulb light as the middle. They don’t seem to dry off from the reflective light with all the mirros inside, they need a bulb right next to them.

        This gel is awesome, but definitely more difficult to work with than gelish brands 30 seconds in and out dry. Personally, I think the shine and quality is worth the extra dry time with the pink gellac :-)

        • Andrea says:

          Thanks, Kathryn. I have updated the text in the post and added a disclaimer to the actual product listings.

          • Kathryn says:

            I should also mention that I haven’t found thickness to really make a difference in whether or not it would dry, it really just makes a difference with what wattage and length of time. I tried doing the thinner coats and had the same results. I also (dumb move) tried to do the alcohol wipe after I noticed it was a little tacky still….. Even though I knew it was a no wipe top coat, I still went back to what I had always known after I figured it should be dry when the 60 seconds were up. Not much surprise, but that didn’t work, the gel was simply not fully cured. Once I adjusted the time, and made sure to get all of my nail directly under a bulb, I never had that issue again. So anyone thinking of wiping with alcohol….. Tried it, didn’t work lol :-)

          • Andrea says:

            Thanks so much for providing feedback on your experiences!

  19. ann says:

    i also just use the top coat pearly shine but it still stays tacky
    i have a ledlamp and let it 120 seconds under
    it did not help
    i put it maybe to thick?
    now i put a layer off my gelish top it off above
    thanks Andrea for all your swaches, it really helps to choose my colors

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Ann – what is the wattage of your lamp? The thickness of the top coat and the wattage of the lamp can definitely impact the curing time.

      • ann says:

        it’s a led lamp, with 8 lamps
        he is really good
        maybe i put a to thick layer? because this lac is not so liquid as my top it off from Gellish

  20. Martha says:

    Good morning,
    I purchased the base coat and the top coat and I am honestly very disappointed after just 1 1/2 days They all peeled right off. I have 3 month old twins and doing my nails is already very hard as it is. I was not happy with having to them again after just 1 1/2! Day. I redid them with a different base and they lasted 2 weeks. Any particular reason why they only lasted such short period of time? Thanks.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Martha. I’m sorry to hear that. Can you tell me what type of lamp you are using? It’s possible that the base didn’t cure all the way. I’ve also found in my experiences that base coats wear differently on different people. My friend Michelle over at Manic Talons and I have very different experiences with base coats – some peel right off on me that will last on her, and vice verse.

  21. Lorie says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Just received my Pink Gellac ultra shine and base 2 in the mail. I usually do the acrygel for added strength, can I do this then put the base 2 on, then polish, then shine? Will the cure times be different? I have the sensationail lamp 3060 led. Thanks! Lorie

    • Andrea says:

      Yes you can do that. I haven’t tested the polishes with this specific lamp, but since it has low wattage you may need to cure longer than the recommended times.

      • Lorie says:

        Ok, I purchased the melody Susie 12w nail dryer and the pink Gellac base 2 shine.
        Question 1. Can I use the base 2 for Acrygel application? Will I have to do a second base 2 coat after Acrygel application?
        2. Does the base 2 coat have a tacky layer? On the bottles it says read instructions carefully, I didn’t receive any instructions? I’ve looked and looked for instructions.

        Thanks Lorie

        • Andrea says:

          Hi Lorie – you can use any gel base to do the acrygel technique. I like to apply a thin layer of base coat over the acrygel layer to help the color polish adhere. Base2 does have a tacky layer.

  22. Stephanie H says:

    I thought I was losing my mind so thank you all for your updates! I am using the Gelish 18g light and I have been having fits with the base and top coat as my manicures just flake off 1 to 2 days after doing. I have used the pink gellac with gelish base and top and get about 2 weeks. Maybe I will try curing much longer. I have been curing 30 -45 seconds on base and 60 seconds on top and that must not be enough. Seriously I thought I have been going nuts!

  23. Nia says:

    Hi Andrea, quick question. Since the ultra shine top coat doesn’t have a tacky layer after curing, is it still possible to put on a second layer of top coat (for when you want a smoother surface after burnishing glitter) or will it not adhere properly? Thanks a bunch!!!! <3

  24. Sunnary says:

    Hi Andrea, I purchased the ultra shine PEARL top coat but noticed that the top coat ends up looking dull just after a couple of days (no longer shiny but rather matte). I have tried curing at both 60secs and 120secs but the results are the same. I use the Gelish 18G lamp. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Sunnary – I haven’t worn the pearl top coat for a length of time yet. With the regular Ultra Shine if my nails start to look smudgy or dull I just take a dry cloth and wipe them to remove any residue and they shine again. I’ll have to do a test with the pearl top coat.

  25. pam pace says:

    Hi Andrea! I am mainly interested in the no wipe TC. I have Gel Two’s and u have to buff it off. How easily does yours remove?

    • Andrea says:

      It removes pretty easily. You just rough up the surface of the nail before soaking off like most gel top coats. It isn’t a super hard top coat like Gel II.

  26. Meda says:

    Hello Andrea, i just got my Pinkgellac nail polishes and i cannot wait to use them, i am just not sure about the lamp that I have, it is the Sensationail by nailene because I got it for Christmas thats the only one I have. Its called 3600 LED if you know about it, i would just like to find out for how long I should cure it really because I am eager to try them out now the colours are beautiful :)

    • Andrea says:

      I think that lamp may be 6 or 7 watts, so you may need to cure longer with some of the darker colors and the Ultra Shine top coat. I recommend testing the polishes on swatch sticks or on the back of a plastic spoon to see how long they take to cure completely in the lamp.

  27. Adrianna says:

    I wanted to ask how the removal of the pink Gellac colors with the base2 has been? I had a horrible time removing pink Gellac color today with gelish foundation and the color had already started to peel. Thanks for your help :)

  28. Laura says:

    I recently purchased the topcoat and the brush is bent and kinda crappy. Are all the brushes like this? I have the silver and gold and they don’t seem like the top coat brush. HELP!

  29. Angie says:

    I received my order for the base and ultra shine topcoat this morning. I noticed that the brush in the base is very different from other bases that I have used previously. (Gelish, IBD) My question is, does it apply the same…Do I apply is as thinly as possible and do a dry wipe after curing?

  30. audrey says:

    Hi andrea, i was wonder if u could help me to explain, why my clients gel polish is discolor. some clients havr discolor all over her nails and some clients only on the tips of their nails. i never experience like this before. thanks andrea

    • Andrea says:

      It’s possible that the color faded/changed with exposure to sunlight, or there may be a chemical reaction to other chemicals (lotions, etc).

  31. Edith says:

    Hi andrea!! I recently bought some of the pink gellac colors and top coat and when i apply the top coat it forms little holes on the nail like if i poke it with a toothpick , why it might be? With the gelish top coat i never had this problem :/
    Thanks, love your web site!!

    • Andrea says:

      If you apply it a little thick and let the polish rest on the nail for about 10 seconds before curing it should self level well preventing that. Be sure to inspect your nails before putting them in the lamp.

  32. Nancy says:

    I recently tried the Pink Gellac Ultra Shine Pearl No-Wipe Top Coat (on a friend), and noticed it felt a bit tacky after curing (but after reading these comments, I’m pretty sure I did not cure it long enough). So I wiped it with alcohol, and it immediately went matte. So I ended up putting a layer of Gelish TIO over it. Do you think that I just need to cure it longer? I’m using a 12W LED lamp, and I cured it for 60 seconds. Also, if I had cured it long enough to be super shiny, it wouldn’t matter if I wiped it with alcohol, would it? It should still be shiny, right? Thanks!

    • Andrea says:

      Yes. Pink Gellac recommends a 36-watt LED lamp for curing the top coat. You would probably have to double the curing time in the 12w lamp. If it’s cured completely it won’t go dull after wiping, but it shouldn’t need wiped at all.

  33. Angela says:

    How long would you recommend curing the ultra shine pearl in the Melody Suzi 24 watt lamp?

  34. Chloe says:

    Hi :) I wanted to order the Pink Gellac Top Coat but don’t see it available for purchase!

  35. Chloe says:

    I’ve been trying to place my order using B3G1 and it won’t accept the promo code. What can I do?

    • Andrea says:

      Please note that the B3G1 promo only applies to gel polish colors and not items such as base and top coats. If you have four colors in the cart and apply the code it should make one item free. :)

  36. Chloe says:

    Thanks for getting back to me! I placed an order however I didn’t get any confirmation or email when I finished. I see the charge on my card though.

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Chloe. I’m not sure what happened on your order, but I also saw the charge come through but the cart didn’t show a confirmation. The merchant shows the items you ordered so I am shipping based off of that.

  37. Diane says:

    Hi, I have a question, I usually used shellac top coat on regular nail polish, can I do the same with the pink gellac shine top coat?

  38. Lisa says:

    I have the sensationail 3060 LED lamp and usually cure my base coat for 30 secs and colours/top coat for 60 secs. I have just bought the Pink Gellac Base2 and ultra shine top coat along with some of their colours. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong but, after only 1 day, the whole thing has come completely detached from my nail on 4 different fingers. I have never had this problem before, could it be the cure time that needs altering?

  39. Viviane says:

    Hi Andrea! I have been doing my own gel nails for a while but I have a problem I can’t seem to fix. My nails look dull after 2 or 3 days, what could be the cause? I use Gelish Tio, so brand shouldnt be a problem. I could not find anything on the web but if you’re thinking of something, please let me know! It’s a bummer I can’t keep my nails shiny for long. Thanks !

    • Andrea says:

      The top coat might not be fully cured if it turns cloudy. Try curing longer in case your lamp is losing power or perhaps try a new bottle to see if that makes a difference.

  40. Lita says:

    Hi Andrea. I am interested in buying the no wipe top coat. Will this be OK to use with chrome mirror powder ?

  41. Rike says:

    Hi Andrea, i am interested in using Pink Gellac Colours. Will this be okay to use it with CND Base and Top Coat? Thx for your help!

  42. Hollyn says:

    I’m wondering how the shine holds up after the two weeks of wear compared to the other kinds.