NEW! Pink Gellac Glitter Effect Sprays & Matte Top Coat

Pink Gellac Glitter Effect Sprays & Matte Gel Top Coat available at Chickettes Boutique

There are some new products available at Chickettes Boutique that I’m pretty excited about! First is the Pink Gellac Matte Top Coat, which is a gel top coat with a matte effect that you can apply over any color. It’s also fun to apply over different finishes and even glitter effects for a different look.  Below is a photo of Matte Top Coat applied over Pink Gellac Beautiful Black.

Pink Gellac Matte Gel Top Coat available at Chickettes BoutiqueIf you’ve ever used a matte top coat, you’ve probably noticed that after a period of time they start to appear glossy.  This is usually caused by the oils from lotions or skin care products, or even the natural oils from your skin.  When I wear a matte top coat I tend to touch my nails a lot, which makes them appear shiny after a while.  When this happens, all you have to do is cleanse the surface of your nails with alcohol or an alcohol-based nail cleanser and they will go back to looking matte again once they are dry.  :)

Chickettes Boutique now carries three of the Pink Gellac top coats, and I put them together in a side-by-side photo for comparison purposes.  Ultra Shine and Ultra Shine PEARL are high-gloss, no-wipe top coats that require a 60 second LED cure (36 watt lamp).  The Matte top coat has a 30 second LED cure, and does have a tacky inhibition layer that needs to be wiped off.  The matte effect will appear after the nails have been properly cleansed and then air dried for a few seconds.

Pink Gellac Gel Polish Top Coats available at Chickettes BoutiqueThe other new products that I’m excited about are the Pink Gellac Glitter Effect Sprays.  They are plastic spray bottles with a pump nozzle that spray loose microglitter to create glitter effects!  Each bottle contains 25 grams of loose glitter, and there are four colors available… Red, Pink, Gold & Holographic Silver.

To use the glitter sprays with gel polish, apply your desired base color and on the last coat, spray the glitter onto your nails while the color layer is still wet (before curing).  Hold the glitter spray approximately 10 inches above your nails and spray the desired amount.  Cure the polish in your lamp as directed on the polish bottle.  Lastly, apply your top coat over the glitter layer.  If you apply a LOT of glitter, you may need two layers of top coat to get a completely smooth finish.

Pink Gellac Glitter Effect Sprays available at Chickettes Boutique

I’ve been playing with these glitter sprays and have found that you can spray a little or a lot to get the desired effect.  If you purchase these glitters, I recommend playing with them before trying to apply the glitter to your nails so that you are comfortable with the spray pump to spray the proper amount.  When I first tried them I was doing a full pump of the nozzle and it was spraying out quite a lot of glitter.  I found that you can pump the nozzle very lightly to get a sprinkling of glitter instead of a full blast of glitter.  :)  I also recommend working over a towel or paper towel for easy cleanup of excess glitter.

Below are some examples that I prepared on swatch sticks.  You can click on this image to see a larger version.

Pink Gellac Glitter Effect Sprays available at Chickettes BoutiqueThis is a closer look at the spray pump nozzle in case you’re curious.  I hadn’t seen loose glitter in a spray bottle before now, and I think it’s pretty genius.  It provides a lot of new possibilities for nail art, as well as things like arts and crafts!

Pink Gellac Glitter Effect Sprays available at Chickettes BoutiqueBelow are some examples of nail art looks that you can create using gel polish, Nail Vinyls and the glitter sprays.  I started with my base color, Beautiful Black and wiped off the tacky layer.  Then I applied the Nail Vinyl stickers to the nails and painted another coat of Beautiful Black over the areas where I wanted to add some glitter effects.  I sprayed the glitter onto the nails while the polish was still wet, and then peeled off the stickers before curing.  You can see in step 3 that I had a little bit of loose glitter on the bottom of the swatch sticks where I didn’t want it.   I just cleaned that loose glitter off with a cotton swab before applying my top coat.

Another quick trick… if you get loose glitter on your top coat brush, wipe it off with a lint-free wipe and alcohol or nail cleanser before putting the brush back in your bottle!  Glitter can get messy if you’re not careful.  :)

Nail Art using Pink Gellac Glitter Effect Sprays & Nail VinylsThis is another nail art look that I created and wrote about recently using the glitter sprays.  Read the full article here.

vinyls-and-glitter-stepsThe Pink Gellac Matte Top Coat and Glitter Effect Sprays are available for sale at Chickettes Boutique!

Save $5 on orders of $35 or more using coupon code LOVE5 until the end of February!

The Boutique now also accepts credit cards in addition to PayPal  :)

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  1. Joanna B. says:

    That glitter is brilliant!

  2. calvin says:

    Matte black coat is amazing!! i love with nail art!!

  3. Sheneise says:

    I want all of them!!!

  4. Nina says:

    I love the black matte! The glitter spray is genius.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Looks like her Nail Shields are currently out of stock. :(

  6. Angela says:

    Is the ultra shine pearl similar to CND silver vip status?

  7. Tracy says:

    Do you still sell the Glitter Effects? I didn’t see it in your store. Thank you!