MelodySusie Transparent Cosmetic / Jewelry Organizer

ms-organizer3I received this clear acrylic organizer from MelodySusie to try out.  The product is primarily meant for storing makeup, but could also be used for jewelry, small crafts, or other items.  I of course used it to store some nail and nail art supplies.  :)  Chickettes readers can SAVE $10 when ordering this organizer on or before September 28th with coupon code: CHICKTLS.  Click here to view or buy.

I took the organizer into the Polizhed studio to see if I could maximize space on my table.  I have lots of little bottles sitting on the table, so it’s nice to have them all tucked neatly away to the side.  My larger bottles such as my acetone don’t fit in the top tray, but it works great for smaller items.

There are two smaller drawers, and two full-width drawers.  I put my stamping tools, rhinestones and small pots of glitter into these drawers.  The bottom drawer is the deepest, and also has a tray inside of it that’s removable and interchangeable with the top part of the unit.  The top part could then be used separately for more storage.  The drawers also all come lined with a black mesh padding and it keeps the items inside from sliding around.

Here’s another view of my setup.  The bottom drawer has some larger pots of pigment powders and rolls of nail art foil.  Next to the organizer is a small clear cotton ball and cotton swab holder, and my Barbicide disinfectant jar.  I picked both of these items up on

ms-organizer4I wanted to make sure that this organizer would stand up to acetone because I’m often splashing little drops, so I poured some onto the bottom side of one of the trays to test it out.  I left it sit for about 30 seconds and then wiped it off and am happy to report that it didn’t cause any damage to the surface.

I tried to take some photos of the unit when it was empty, but my shots weren’t great so I’m sharing the manufacturer photos for this product.


This image shows the three separate pieces in a little more detail.  As I mentioned, either of the trays can be placed on top of the little cabinet.  The organizer with all three pieces is currently available for sale on for $49.99!  Chickettes readers will SAVE $10 when ordering on or before September 28th with coupon code: CHICKTLS.  Click here to view or buy.



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