LeChat Perfect Match Enchanted Collection

LeChat Perfect Match Enchanted Collection - swatches by Chickettes.comThese lovely colors are from the new LeChat Perfect Match Enchanted Collection.  The set includes six pastel shades for Spring, that each have a cream finish.  LeChat Perfect Match gel polishes also come with a matching nail lacquer, which I love for use in the salon.

I’m so excited to see Spring shades coming out… it stirs up anticipation for a new season.  Even though we had a very mild Winter here in the Cleveland area, I’m ready for warmer temperatures and to see the flowers and trees bloom again.

Picking Petals is a soft baby pink with some peach tones.  This color goes on very sheer and shows a little visible nail line (VNL) with three coats.  It’s similar in shade to ProGel Summer Fling and LeChat Pink Lady.

LeChat Picking Petals - swatch by Chickettes.comPeach Charming is a light, pastel peach.  This color provides great coverage with two coats.  This is the lightest shade of peach that I own, and I couldn’t find any other colors quite like it.

LeChat Peach Charming - swatch by Chickettes.comBlushing Bloom is also a pastel peach, but is several shades darker and leans a little orange.  It also provides great coverage with two coats.  This color is a shade or two darker than CND Shellac Salmon Run.

LeChat Blushing Bloom - swatch by Chickettes.comMystic Lilac is a pale, pastel purple.  This is probably my favorite shade of the collection – it’s just so soft and pretty.  It also provides good coverage with two coats.  I think this is the lightest lilac shade that I own though it’s similar to Gel II Merry Go Berry.

LeChat Mystic Lilac - swatch by Chickettes.comFree Spirit is a vibrant shade of minty blue.  It has good coverage with two coats, but I applied three to really take it home.  This color is very similar to Pink Gellac Gipsy Blue, but leans a little more green in tone.

LeChat Free Spirit - swatch by Chickettes.comDreamscape is a soft periwinkle blue.  This color goes on sheer, but builds up to opacity nicely with three coats.  It’s identical to Pink Gellac Sky Blue, and both colors are a great substitute for Gelish Up in the Blue which is known to fade.

LeChat Dreamscape - swatch by Chickettes.comSo what do you think of the colors in the Enchanted Collection?  I think they’re all really pretty, and overall it’s a really cohesive collection for Spring.

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10 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    Nice colours. Any fading issues?
    I’ve found some pastel shades difficult to apply because they come out streaky / patchy. Any issues here? I suspect it has something to do with the pigment compared to dark colours. I’m particularly looking at the light lilac. What was your experience?

    • Andrea says:

      I didn’t test for fading, but they seem to be ok. I’ve used all of the colors on clients and they didn’t apply streaky.

  2. Janeen says:

    Oh I love these new spring colors!! Especially the light peach , & the darker shade of peach , Il don’t have anything that is close to these colors in my collection, & I def. want to try out the darker shade of peach in Blushing Bloom , and think the darker shade will go great with my darker skin . I’d like to pair it with the Periwinkle, I think the contrast will be beautiful!! ( think of a dark peach, & Cobalt blue ) but a lighter version ~ I love it!

  3. Janeen says:

    I would like to see a Mani in One of the peach colors & the Dreamscape, I think it would pop! Would like to see how you would incorporate the two :) Also the Lavender ” Mystic lilac ” is Gorgeous, & Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers , as it is a true sign that Spring has Sprung! And the scent is so nice :) Thanks again So much :)

  4. emily says:

    hello. just a quick question my friend had applied 2 coats of the mystic lillac color but after curing it looks like greyish is it normal

    • Andrea says:

      Many lilac colors fade to grey. I didn’t test these colors for fading, but I did notice it with a similar color from LeChat called Chillin.

  5. Winnie says:

    Beautiful colors!! I was just wondering if your le chat gel polishes start to separate when you let them sit for a while and warm them up before applying? For some reason my le chat gel polishes are so difficult to apply compared to other brands ?

    • Andrea says:

      They have been giving me more trouble lately – I haven’t figured out if it’s a temperature thing or what, but I’m getting more shrinkage than normal.

  6. Samantha says:

    Do you have a wear test for Lechat anywhere? I’m not having any luck with the base coats I’ve tried. I have an issue with lift at the tips of my nails and I really love this brands color choices. I know you can intermix colors with different bases but I’m looking for color and base/top coats. Thanks!!