Madam Glam Glittery Gel Polishes

Madam Glam Gel Polish Swatches by Chickettes.comI have a few sparkly goodies today from Madam Glam.  I love the quality of their polish – they glide on super smooth and provide great coverage with just two coats in most cases, even the glitters.  The retail price of their gel polish is on the high side, but they always run promos and the quality is well worth the price.  Chickettes readers can save 30% using the code CHICKETTES30 at checkout!

Purple Sky has a purple jelly base and is loaded with purple micro-glitter.  It has a dark and sultry feel to me.

Madam Glam Purple Sky - Chickettes.comFluorescent Lights is very unique.  It has a clear base with iridescent flakies that have a pink/purple-toned shimmer when the light hits it.  This swatch is three coats and you can still see a bit of VNL.  I think it’s gorgeous on it’s own, but it can also be used as a glitter topper over other colors.  I couldn’t find this color on the Madam Glam site, so it may be temporarily out of stock.

Madam Glam Fluorescent Lights - Chickettes.comYellow Holo is just as it sounds… yellow holographic glitter suspended in a clear base.  This one only needs two coats, but three really takes it home.  I’m not sure that it looks great on my hands, but I think it would look awesome against darker skin tones.  This color may also be temporarily out of stock.

Madam Glam Yellow Holo - Chickettes.comSweet Baby… that’s what you say when you apply this color on your nails.  Sweet Baby has a rich blue base and is loaded with blue glitter of all different sizes.  This is my personal favorite of the bunch.  I wore it for a while and couldn’t stop looking at my nails.  My clients also loved it and many requested it.

Madam Glam Sweet Baby - Chickettes.comThis is a fun mani that I did for one of my clients.  For the accent nail I applied two coats of Sweet Baby and then applied a floral stamp (MM20) over top using a pink stamping polish.  The stamping polish color happened to match the gel polish color almost perfectly.  The pink gel polish is Madam Glam Bubble Gum.

Nail Art by Chickettes.comWhat do you think of these glittery beauties?  I have more colors from Madam Glam to swatch and will be posting those soon… a few color changers, some creams, and a few others.  Stay tuned…  ;)

5 Responses

  1. Devon says:

    Wow! You did a great job matching the stamping polish to the MG Bubble Gum color! They’re so similar that at first I thought you stamped with Bubble Gum.

  2. Paulina says:

    Omg, I really need this golden glitter. So pretty :)

  3. Laura says:

    Cute stamping. :) That blue is just lovely.

  4. Stacey says:

    Lovely swatches!! What brand of stamping polish do you like the best?