LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish Swatches: Deep Sea & Starry Night

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish Swatches at Chickettes.comAre you ready to see a couple of the new LeChat Perfect Match Mood polishes that came out this fall?  I have two of these fun, color changing shades today.  Both of these colors had great coverage and were opaque in just two coats.

To find a local distributor of LeChat Perfect Match, please visit the LeChat website.  I have also provided links below to the products on Amazon.com.  Please note that LeChat products purchased on Amazon may not come in the original packaging.

Starry Night has a really dramatic color shift.  This polish is packed with holographic microglitter and the base color shifts from a milky light grey when warm, to dark black when cold.  I love the addition of the holographic glitter in this polish.

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Starry NightHere’s a closer shot of Starry Night while in transition.

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Starry NightDeep Sea is a very unique color combination with an amazing shimmer finish. This mood polish shifts from a coral shade when warm, to dark grey when cold.  This polish also has gold and purple shimmer throughout.

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Deep SeaHere is a closer shot of Deep Sea while in transition.

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Deep SeaAnd here’s a closer look at Deep Sea when it’s cold.  You can see how the purple and gold shimmer really pop against the grey.  Love it!

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish - Deep SeaWhich of these two is your favorite?

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16 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    I love Deep Sea! I couldn’t make out the detail on the shimmer from the LeChat website’s photos, so I’ve been able to resist the new mood gel polishes until now. This is the first of them I can think of with multicolored shimmer, and it’s very tempting!

  2. Patricia M says:

    OMG!!! These gel polishes are sooo pretty! Love every color for they can match any kind of dress that I have.

  3. Laura says:

    These are more unique than I expected! Cremes are nice, but it is good to see LeChat change it up. I wonder if any of the others have unique qualities . . .

  4. Serena Mertl says:

    Just ordered Starry Night!! :)

  5. Torrie Hoskins says:

    Those polishes are beautiful :) I love how the red one changes to a beautiful glittery grey :) so pretty :)

  6. Sheneise says:

    I love deep sea!!!

  7. Bre says:

    Just ordered Starry Night!! Do the tips stay black for a while or is it a quick change over?!

  8. Mel says:

    I just ordere Deep Sea…so excited!! My only concern is shrinking. I recently bought China Glaze gel and it’s awful, planning to return asap!

  9. Codie Nicole says:

    When you cured them did you use uv or led?

  10. Teri Gallardo says:

    Do you have a magazine that displays all of your products ? I’m very much interested in your product, thx Teri