Kiara Sky Mirror Image Collection

Kiara Sky Mirror Image Collection

Kiara Sky recently launched a new collection called Mirror Image that is comprised of 14 new colors! I have 7 of the colors to share with you today. Kiara Sky is a 2-step gel polish (base coat is optional), and each color has a matching nail lacquer shade.  Read my previous review of Kiara Sky that included a wear test here.

These polishes are all available for purchase at the Kiara Sky website or through their distributors.  The gel polishes retail for $12.99, and the lacquers retail for $8.99.  Below is a photo of all 14 new shades in the Mirror Image Collection (click to view larger), and the lovely cardboard displays.  I have this display on my nail station right now and I love looking at it.Kiara Sky Mirror Image Collection

Heartfelt is a gorgeous bright pink cream.  This shade, as well as the other cream shades all needed three coats for best coverage.  They looked a little splotchy to me with just two coats.  When compared with my other pinks, this is a pretty unique shade.  It’s most similar to a LeChat shade that I just wrote about recently called Peony Passion, except this is a cream and Peony is a shimmer and is just slightly darker.

Kiara Sky Heartfelt - swatch by Chickettes.comRomantic Coral is a peachy coral cream.  My photos for this color turned out a little pixelated.   This shade is very close to several others in my collection including ibd Galavant, Gelish I’m Brighter Than You and Gelaze Flip Flop Fantasy.  It’s a tad bit darker and less neon than the shades I just mentioned.

Kiara Sky Romantic Coral - swatch by Chickettes.comThe Real Teal is a light teal cream.  I own a lot of teals, and this one has a greyer tone than most.  It’s closest to Trugel Magic & Mischief.

Kiara Sky The Real Teal - swatch by

Pinking of Sparkle is one of Kiara Sky’s signature matte glitter polishes.  It has a clear base and is loaded with light pink glitter in two different sizes, and it also has some holographic glitters sprinkled throughout.  This swatch is two coats with no color underneath.
Kiara Sky Pinking of Sparkle - swatch by Chickettes.comSweet Plum is a very similar glitter polish, but in a very pale purple shade.  I just pulled out my swatch stick to confirm that the color of the glitter looks almost white, but it does have subtle purple tones.

Kiara Sky Sweet Plum - swatch by Chickettes.comIceberg is a sparkly holographic glitter polish with a sheer milky base.  This one had a strange texture that reminded me a little of Gelish Rough Around the Edges, but the Kiara Sky polish has much better glitter coverage.  I didn’t care much for the texture/consistency of this polish personally.  It applied thick in some spots and didn’t feel completely smooth after top coating.  This swatch is two coats.

Kiara Sky Iceberg - swatch by Chickettes.comOnly Natural is a sheer polish with a tan tint.  This would be great for French manicures, or just for a clear coat.

Kiara Sky Only Natural - swatch by

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4 Responses

  1. Cat says:

    Hey there ? I picked up heartfelt the gel and matching polish . The polish looked like you’re photo the gel in the bottle looked like rose glow from perfect match . Did yours look like this in the bottle before curing ? I went back to my supplier the other 10 bottles were the same .

  2. Cat says:

    They must have the wrong label on it okay now I know what to look for once they get a new batch. Thank you

  3. stella says:

    Hi I love your blog. I am trying to get the Kiara sky from Tony nail supply and having lots of trouble getting registered. Have anyone bought from them before? or where can I get them at this price/
    thank you