Daisy Soak Off Gel Duos (no bond or base)

Esther’s Nail Center recently sent me a few of the new Daisy Soak Off Gel Polishes to try. The Daisy gel polishes have been revamped with new bottles and packaging, they now come in duos with a matching regular nail polish (RNP), and they don’t require a bond or base coat which saves time in the application process. With these new gel polishes you just gently buff your nails, apply the color directly onto your nails (curing after each coat of polish), and then apply the gel top coat and cure, and remove the tacky layer with a lint-free wipe and cleanser. They are UV and LED compatible.

The price of the Daisy Gel Polishes is very reasonable at $13.95, and the price includes the bonus bottle of RNP!  I really love that they come with a matching RNP so that I can match my toes to my hands. I personally never use gel polish on my toes since RNP seems to last a really long time on my toes. If you have small children you could also polish your child’s nails to match yours.

I swatched a few of the colors for you to see, and I wore one of the colors on my dominant hand for a week.  Daisy gel is supposed to last up to 21 days.  If you know me though, I can never leave my polish on long enough to do a true durability test but it did last well for the week that I wore it.  I was even handling acetone as I swatched polishes on my other hand and it still held up well.  The Daisy polishes applied with ease, only required two coats for full coverage and I had no issues curing in my LED lamp.  The removal process was also a dream… the soak-off only took a few minutes.

This is Daisy Gel Butternut Squash which is a creamy brown-ish orange shade.  I’m not sure how else to describe the color, but I think the name of the polish is appropriate.  It’s a nice fall shade or a good neutral for everyday wear.

Daisy Gel Butternut Squash

Here I layered two coats of Daisy Gel Golden Orange Star over top of Butternut Squash.  It’s an orange and holographic glitter topper.  It’s hard to capture the beauty of holographic glitter on camera, but it’s very pretty in person.  The RNP version of this glitter topper is much more dense with glitter than the gel version (photo below).

Daisy Gel Golden Orange Star over Butternut Squash

This is Daisy Gel Sweet Purple, a lovely creamy shade of lilac.  This is the color that I wore for a week.  As with most gel polishes in this shade, I did experience some fading.  The color turned darker and looked more like the label on the bottle by the end of the week.  I still liked the color, but it wasn’t as bright.

Daisy Gel Sweet Purple

This is Daisy Gel Lush Lilac, another glitter topper with purple and holographic glitters.

Daisy Gel Lush Lilac over Sweet Purple

I have one more blue color (Blue de France) yet to swatch and also a French manicure kit.  I will try those soon and write about them so, stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.  Below is a quick picture that shows the soak off gel polish next to the regular nail polish version for each color.  The colors are pretty dead on, but as I already mentioned the RNP versions of the glitter toppers have a lot more glitter.  I applied three coats of each glitter topper on the swatch sticks below, and two coats of the solid colors.  The quality of this picture isn’t great, so please refer to the swatches above for more accurate representation of the colors.


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5 Responses

  1. Charlotte says:

    Do Daisy Gel have their own website?

    It sounds really interesting, was there any staining on your nails when you took it off (from not having a base coat)?

  2. Thresa says:

    Thank Andrea for the review. Let me know if you’re ready for another round of colors. :-)

  3. lisa says:

    wauw sounds cool! I wanne try them! thanks a lot & keep up the good work,Andrea!