Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion Colors – Gel Polish Edition!

Chickettes gel polish picks for the Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion ColorsPantone’s Spring 2015 Women’s Fashion Report highlights ten trending colors for the season.  Per their website, “This season there is an emphasis on the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum, with bold color taking a more supportive role as an accent.”  I posted previously about the Pantone color of the year, Marsala, and one of my readers suggested doing a similar post for their seasonal color picks as well.  I thought this was a great suggestion, so I selected my top picks for gel polish colors to match each of the Pantone Spring colors.

Blues seem to be trending… but I’m surprised at the lack of purple in the mix.  I love wearing purple in the Spring.


Pantone calls this shade Aquamarine, but it looks like more of a baby blue or sky blue to me. I put all of these colors in Photoshop and used my color dropper to get the exact shades and match them up with my gel swatches.


I love these bright, vibrant blues! Pink Gellac Gipsy Blue is a really hot seller right now at the Boutique!


This color looks like a lighter, minty teal green shade… my favorite color!


I fell in love with classic blue shades last summer! It was my go-to color all season long and I can’t wait to wear it again this season.


I don’t wear neutrals often but when I do, this is my favorite shade. CND Shellac Feild Fox and ibd Dockside are my two go-to neutral shades that work well with my skin tone.


Pink Gellac Lollypop Pink

Pink Gellac Lollypop Pink


Tangerine is a bit of a light, peachy orange.


This looks like a yellow-hued neutral that may work better for fashion than nails. I’m taking some liberties with this one since I don’t really have any exact matches, but you could go a little golden with it like Gelish Allure.


Marsala is a reddish brown that’s been growing on me lately. I think of it as more of a Fall color though.


I just painted my mom’s nails this shade a couple days ago and it was so pretty. Grey typically makes me think of Fall and Winter months though.

Let me know what you think of this post and if you’d like to see future Pantone color selections.

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10 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    I love this blog today!!! Clients ask me all the time what the trends are. All I use in my salon is gel polish so you’re my blogging favorite! ! Thank you

  2. Connie says:

    Perfect blog! Love to see how colors compare from different companies. Truly beneficial. Would enjoy seeing more future posts along the same lines. Thank you!

  3. Angie S says:

    This is a fantastic post. I hope you will do more of these in the future!

  4. Lynette says:


    Question for you on Mali-blu Me Away. I love the color from your swatch so I recently bought it but I recently tried it and it’s not as neon as the one I see in your posts. Have you heard from anyone saying that the color in the mini bottle is different than the one in the large bottle? I bought the large bottle so I figured I’d ask.

    Alternatively, the other thing I noticed was that it was really runny and separated so I had to shake it a lot before I started to use it the first time. Could I have gotten a bad bottle?

    Thanks! Lynette

    • Andrea says:

      I’m not sure if the color is different in the large bottle vs the MINI. I only have the mini version. The formula is thin and it does require a good shake.

  5. Bunny says:

    I love the posts where you show color comparisons — they are as helpful as they are beautiful. :)
    I have Revel Passion, how does it compare to Pink Gellac Mystic? Thanks!

  6. Lucia says:


    I would like to know if any of you can suggest any color from IBD or EzFlow TruGel that looks like Gelish Taupe Model.

    Thank you.


  7. Lucia says:


    How is the application of Ezflow Trugel Smoke and Mirrors? Does it apply well? The coverage is good?
    I’ve been looking for a pastel yellow but the ones I’ve bought are hard to work with.

  8. I really enjoyed seeing these trending colors. My clients usually ask me about the latest trends so I will definitely going to follow your blogs and updates. Aquamarine looks phenomenal to me! Thanks!