Guest Post: Studded Hearts Video by Ten Little Canvases

In my absence, below is a guest post from Kim Baker of Ten Little Canvases. You all might remember that Kim also did a guest post for me last year. She now has a blog, so be sure to follow her!

Studded Heart Design by Ten Little Canvases

Hello everyone! Andrea has invited me back for a guest post, so with Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I’d do video tutorial on how to do hand drawn gel polish hearts simply using 3 dots as a guide. I’ve added metal studs to outline the heart for extra pizazz but you can use caviar beads, small crystals or a glitter striper. Hope y’all find the video helpful!

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1 Response

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Kim, I really loved that heart manicure with geometric stamping so much so that I ordered some tiny metal studs from “Jewellery Nail Art Supply”, one of the sources that you link to on your blog. Smaller than 1.8mm are hard to find elsewhere, and she is wonderful with shipping and service, as you said.